Virginia Beach, VA Has Iconic Landmarks to Explore

Virginia Beach is a historic city rich in history cut-crossing all decades since time memorial. Historical area and sites are the best spots for history people to learn more about the ancient activities that define the town up to where it is today. Here are the landmarks you should visit and take a look at when you come to town. Information can be found here.

Cape Henry Lighthouse

Cape Henry Lighthouse is a site with historic structures and home to several ancient activities. Cape Henry Lighthouse has a lot to see and learn. The location has long been famous for a large amount of ocean-going shipping traffic for the harbor. There is a small gift shop that you walk through to get to the lighthouse. A collection of historic structures, including ample rooms, cabinetmakers’ shops, and chapels, is for visitors. See here for information about Virginia Beach, VA Is A Thrill-Seekers City.

First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park offers recreational opportunities to Virginia Beach residents. This historic landmark listed on the national book of historic places in Virginia Beach is famous in town. Part of the site has a natural landmark and seashore natural area. The landmark doubles as a museum feature hands-on exhibits of their encounters.