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Surgical or Procedural Errors

Modern surgical procedures are some of the greatest accomplishments of the human race. Medical professionals can replace organs, restore eyesight, and allow people to walk again after major accidents. Surgeons have changed the lives of millions for the better.

But not all surgery has positive results. When a surgeon, hospital worker, or assisting nurse makes a mistake, surgery can be devastating for the patient. A surgical error can destroy your life in a moment. And when this happens, your only path to recovery may be to hire a surgical error attorney for a personal injury lawsuit.

Common Surgical Errors

For all of the benefits it brings, surgery is extremely dangerous. A surgeon cuts into your helpless body, briefly damaging it even more than it already was, with the ultimate goal of healing you. This is why surgeons must have years of training and practice before they work on patients. It is also why an error can be so dangerous.

Surgical error statistics reveal that operating room surgical errors are thankfully quite rare. But rare does not mean non-existent. The most common types of surgical errors are:

  • Wrong-site surgery
  • A foreign object accidentally left inside the patient
  • Performing the wrong procedure on a patient
  • Doing surgery on the wrong patient
  • Complications during or after surgery
  • Burns

Surgical errors always occur on the operating table, but the actual causes of surgical errors may have occurred elsewhere. For example, a nurse mislabeling a chart could be the reason why a surgeon performs the wrong surgery on a patient. 

Identifying who is at fault is an important part of any surgical error lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers from The Joel Bieber Firm have plenty of experience identifying who is at fault in surgical error cases.

Adverse Effects of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors can result in pain, worsening of your condition, or even death in some circumstances. Some errors are worse than others.

Wrong-Site Surgery

When a surgeon operates on the wrong site, they usually become aware of it as soon as they open you up. This means the only harm is that you need to heal from useless surgery.

But in some cases, the surgeon doesn’t realize they are operating on the wrong site. This can result in surgery on tissue or an organ that doesn’t need it. 

That unnecessary surgery will almost always do damage that may be permanent or require additional surgery to correct. In the worst cases, this could cause permanent loss of a sense or use of a limb.

Foreign Object Left in a Patient

Surgical tools like sponges and clamps are the most likely foreign objects accidentally left in a patient. When these objects are left inside you, they often lead to internal bleeding or infection. Both of these results require almost immediate medical attention to prevent them from becoming fatal.

Surgery on the Wrong Patient

Operating on the wrong patient can produce some of the most terrifying results. For example, a surgeon might attempt to replace one of your healthy organs or could amputate one of your limbs for no reason.

Because the surgeon is operating on the wrong person, everything is usually wrong in the operating room. The surgical team is likely working with the wrong chart and the wrong medical history and probably also has the wrong blood type ready. Any of these things can lead to emergency complications that are nightmarish to consider.

Wrong Procedure

Performing the wrong procedure has similar problems to operating on the wrong patient but is usually not quite as dangerous for the patient. However, it still means that you are likely to be damaged by unnecessary surgery. And at the same time, it also means that you didn’t get surgery for a condition that is likely deteriorating. 

One of the biggest dangers of a surgeon performing the wrong procedure is that it makes it harder to do the right procedure safely when it is needed.

What a Surgical Error Lawyer Can Do for You

Surgical error attorneys from The Joel Bieber Firm have seen the dangerous and deadly consequences of surgical errors. We take these cases very seriously. We know that without immediate assistance, you could potentially die due to a surgical error.

When we take your case, the first thing we do is make sure you are receiving the medical care you need to recover from both the medical error and whatever condition originally required surgery. Then we will fight to get you the money you need to pay for that medical care. 

Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to force insurance companies to settle or fight in court.

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