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Chemical Exposure Lawyer

Toxic chemical exposure occurs in many places, even in your own home. A dangerous product that causes cancer, chemicals released into the local soil or water table, or an accident on the job could all result in serious, often life-changing, harm. Therefore, if toxic chemicals have harmed you or a loved one, there is hope and help. A toxic chemical exposure lawyer helps you file a claim for damages. A claim can hold the party that caused the chemical exposure responsible for your injury or disease. Contact The Joel Bieber Firm today to speak with a personal injury attorney in your state!

Toxic Chemical Exposure on the Job

Often, certain jobs require workers to be exposed to dangerous chemicals or toxic ingredients. This, in turn, can lead to life-changing injuries or diseases.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates these industries and sets strict safety rules. In addition, many companies also have their own safety measures. But accidents still happen.

Some employees may be qualified to file a workers’ compensation claim for chemical exposure injuries. However, your benefits may not be enough to cover all your losses.

In other cases, your employer may be directly responsible for the unsafe situation and your injuries. In addition, a company can create unsafe work conditions. For example, if leaders don’t properly supervise people working with hazardous products or don’t provide the right safety equipment, it could lead to extra risks for employees.

When this happens, a chemical exposure lawyer can file a lawsuit for you. Then, they hold this employer responsible for the damage it caused.

Toxic Chemical Exposure in the Environment

Chemical exposure happens in many ways. For example, a military base, like Camp LeJeune in North Carolina, may have leaks that transfer chemicals into the area soil and pollute the water or air.

Over time, people living in the area develop cancer, lung diseases, or other illnesses because of toxic exposure.

Recently, train derailments in Ohio and Pennsylvania caused another case of toxic chemical exposure. After the crash, thousands of people developed serious respiratory problems after breathing in air full of toxins. In addition, the long-term effects of the pollution are still unknown.

Finding the wrongdoer in an environmental toxic chemical exposure case is tricky. In some cases, there could be more than one defendant:

  • The chemical maker
  • The unit using it (like a military base or a manufacturing company)
  • Specific people responsible for the safe use of dangerous materials

At The Joel Bieber Firm, our skilled chemical exposure lawyers have the resources and experience necessary to ligate these complex matters. We may examine all parties’ safety records to identify where and when the negligence occurred. Then, we use the evidence we find to build a strong case for our clients.

Toxic Chemical Exposure from Defective Consumer Products

When you buy a beauty or healthcare product, you trust it works as described. You trust that it will not harm you or your family. Unfortunately, many large health and beauty product makers cut corners with testing.

In some cases, they fail to put adequate oversight rules in place to ensure each product batch has been safely prepared. The company must make sure products aren’t contaminated with carcinogens or other harmful chemicals.

Scented talcum body powder, for example, has been linked to asbestos exposure. Women who used certain brands of body powder as directed by the manufacturer developed uterine cancer and mesothelioma, a dangerous, malignant form of lung cancer.

Harm to these women could have been avoided. The manufacturer should have been more careful to avoid asbestos contamination in the talc.

Perhaps you or your loved ones ate food products tainted by a dangerous chemical. Then, you became ill or developed cancer as a result. Packaged food and drink go through many steps before they reach grocery store shelves. Unfortunately, the risk of contamination is present at nearly every step.

Your Legal Options After a Toxic Chemical Injury

Your legal choices after toxic chemical exposure depend on your situation. After a diagnosis, the first step is to meet with an experienced chemical exposure lawyer. Choose one who understands the nature of your case and how to prove that the chemicals caused your disease.

Often, the best way to get justice is to file a lawsuit against the party that caused the toxic exposure. This could be one of many entities:

  • A product manufacturing company
  • A pharmaceutical company
  • The local, state, or federal government that did not enforce dumping or other environmental protection laws
  • Your employer, which may have failed to put proper safety protections in place
  • A transport company, like a trucking or railway company, that caused a crash and toxic spill

Sometimes, your case will be just you, the plaintiff, versus the defendant or the at-fault party.

Other times, you may be qualified to participate in a class action or mass torts lawsuit. Class actions are filed against a large entity like a national consumer goods company. These cases involve multiple plaintiffs who have been harmed in the same way by the same defendant.

A committee of chemical exposure attorneys directs the lawsuit. The lawyers negotiate on behalf of their clients. Then, the plaintiffs share any settlement or damages award.

Your case is unique, though, so we urge you to contact The Joel Bieber Firm right away to discuss your choices. Your time to file a suit could be very short. Each state has a statute of limitations for filing a toxic chemical exposure claim.

Do You Need Help Filing a Claim for a Toxic Chemical Exposure Injury?

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