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A Virginia Beach motorcycle accident can alter your life in the blink of an eye. The best case scenario after a serious motorcycle crash involves a complete recovery from your injuries. However, even then, you can find yourself saddled with thousands of dollars of medical bills and struggling financially due to time missed from work. Not all bikers are fortunate enough to make a full recovery. Motorcycle accidents come with a high risk of traumatic brain injury and spinal injury. These accidents can bring consequences like permanent disability and the cost of ongoing care, leaving the injured person unable to earn a living. When someone else causes your motorcycle crash, you shouldn’t have to live with the burden of their negligence. The Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyer at The Joel Bieber Firm can help you recover the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident derails your life.

Financial Responsibility for a Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident

In the world of personal injury law, there are no accidents. Personal injury law recognizes that all parties bear what’s called a “burden of care.” This legal concept refers to a basic responsibility to exercise caution and vigilance out of concern for the safety of others.

When someone causes an accident, they likely failed to uphold this obligation. If you can prove this happened, that person can be held financially responsible for the harm they caused.

The role of a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyer is to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your motorcycle crash and build a case showing how the fault wasn’t yours.

How a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyer goes about proving liability depends on why your crash occurred. If you were hit or run off the road by another driver, a lawyer might hire a crash reconstruction specialist, or gain access to a traffic camera that caught the incident on tape.

Even when a crash didn’t involve other people, like a pedestrian or another driver, it’s still possible that the accident wasn’t your fault. A lawyer can investigate whether manufacturing or design defects led to the crash, or if unsafe work by a mechanic caused your injuries.

Never assume a motorcycle accident is your fault. Until you consult with a lawyer, you can’t know the full extent of your financial options.

The Process of Gaining Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

In most cases, compensation for a motorcycle accident comes directly through the insurance company of the person responsible for the crash. However, getting this money into your bank account is easier said than done.

An insurance company will never offer an accident victim as much money as they qualify for. You need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer negotiating with an insurance company on your behalf.

When an insurance company refuses to settle for a fair amount, your lawyer can file a civil claim against the company. Once an insurer sees you’ve initiated legal action and are willing to take them to court, they’re often more willing to meet your terms.

In some cases, it’s necessary to pursue a court verdict to gain a fair settlement amount. This is a less common outcome, but it does happen, especially in cases involving death or life-altering injury. If an experienced lawyer recommends taking this course, it means they’re confident about their ability to win your case.

Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Compensation Values

In a personal injury case like a motorcycle accident, compensation values aren’t random — they’re carefully researched and backed by evidence proving how much your claim is worth. This is another key role that a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyer plays.

Your lawyer will thoroughly investigate how you’ve been impacted by an accident and create a compensation goal based on this. Then, they’ll need to provide evidence that can be used to support the amount they’ve identified. Your actual expenses are just the beginning of valid compensation after a motorcycle accident.

Common forms of harm and loss that can be included in the compensation value you’re seeking include:

  • Medical bills
  • Medical devices
  • Future medical care
  • Cost of assisted living
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Lost anticipated lifetime earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of companionship
  • Diminished quality of life

Personal injury law allows an injury victim to receive compensation for such losses — you just need an experienced lawyer who knows how to build a strong case for maximum compensation.

Time Limits for Taking Action After a Motorcycle Accident

It’s best not to wait to take action after a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident. Virginia has a two-year statute of limitations on filing a civil claim for motorcycle accident compensation.

It takes time for a personal injury lawyer to investigate your accident, compile evidence, document the compensation value you deserve, and build a case for the other party’s negligence.

Once all this work is complete, your lawyer will undergo negotiations with the insurance company responsible for covering the loss. Only once negotiation fails to produce the desired results does a lawyer file a civil claim.

Waiting to engage a lawyer puts you at risk of running out of time to file a lawsuit should it become necessary. It can also weaken your case. A lawyer has the best chance of building a strong case when evidence is recent.

A Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

Whatever situation you’re dealing with in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, promptly involving a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyer will always help improve your outcome.

Trying to navigate a motorcycle accident claim without a lawyer fighting for you is a mistake — and after a motorcycle crash delivers an expensive blow, you can’t afford to leave your finances to chance.

The Virginia Beach motorcycle accident lawyer at The Joel Bieber Firm have a proven track record of increasing motorcycle accident compensation for our clients. Give us a call today to begin discussing your claim.

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