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The death of a loved one is never easy, but your time of grieving can be even more painful when you know that your close family member died in an accident that could have been avoided. Any death due occurring as a result of the negligent, reckless, or careless actions of another party is considered to be a wrongful death. In Virginia, surviving family members can file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the death of their loved one. A Virginia Beach wrongful death lawyer can file the suit on your behalf and advocate for your family’s legal rights. The personal injury attorneys at The Joel Bieber Firm have decades of combined experience handling wrongful death cases and can help you receive financial restitution for the death of your loved one. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

What Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a claim filed in civil court against a person or party that caused the death of another individual.

While the defendant’s actions may have been illegal, those matters will be handled separately in criminal court. Wrongful death suits are the legal manner in which the plaintiff is made financially whole again after the accident, receiving much-needed compensation for their loss.

The Virginia Beach wrongful death lawyer at The Joel Bieber Firm know that no amount of money can replace your family member. However, your loved one would not have wanted you to struggle after their passing. Filing a wrongful death claim can ease this financial burden.

Common Kinds of Wrongful Death Circumstances

Wrongful deaths can happen in many ways, from roadway collisions to medical errors and accidents on the job. The only criterion needed to establish wrongful death act is that the fatality could have been avoided had another party demonstrated a responsible duty of care.

Common examples of wrongful death accidents include:

You might still have a wrongful death claim if you don’t see the cause of your loved one’s accident listed. A Virginia Beach wrongful death Attorney can tell you for sure. Contact The Joel Bieber Firm to arrange a case evaluation and consultation.

How Can a Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer Help My Family?

Your wrongful death lawyer handles all legal aspects of your case on your behalf, including communications with the at-fault party, their insurance company, and their legal team.

This protects you and your family while you’re grieving and ensures that your legal interests aren’t compromised — you simply refer any phone calls, emails, or other correspondence attempts to your attorney.

Your legal services start with an accurate valuation of your case and a determination of the amount of compensation due to your family. From there, your attorney sends a demand letter to the other party. If they don’t comply, your case will move into mediation, or neutral negotiation between your Virginia Beach wrongful death lawyer and the responsible party.

Your attorney will act as your representative and spokesperson, as these negotiations can be stressful and emotional for grieving families. If they fail to reach an agreement with the other party in mediation, they’ll promptly proceed to court, where they’ll argue your case before a judge and jury.

As your legal advocates, it’s our job to build a strong case on your behalf. We’ll therefore conduct an independent investigation into your loved one’s accident to ensure that all contributing parties are held accountable.

We’ll also ensure that all case filings, including the initial suit, are completed promptly. Virginia has a two-year statute of limitations on wrongful death cases that begins on the date of your loved one’s death. We’ll guarantee that your case is filed before that deadline expires and keep you up to date about the progress of your case every step of the way.

Compensation in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The compensation families receive in wrongful death cases is similar to the compensation the victim would have been entitled to had they survived the accident and filed a personal injury claim. In fact, that very question —would the victim have been eligible to file a personal injury claim?— is used to determine whether an accident constitutes a wrongful death.

Your family may receive both economic and non-economic damages in your settlement, covering:

  • Loss of economic support
  • Medical bills your loved one incurred after the accident
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of companionship (for a spouse)
  • Loss of guidance (for children)
  • Loss of pension or retirement income your loved one would have earned
  • Pain and suffering from emotional trauma

Your Virginia Beach wrongful death lawyer may also include punitive damages in your claim. Punitive damages are a form of financial punishment assessed against the defendant, usually awarded if their actions were egregiously negligent or they exhibited a flagrant disregard for the safety of others.

Punitive damages serve two purposes. First, they act as a sort of fine against the negligent party due to their actions and a warning not to repeat them. Second, punitive damages, especially those levied against a corporation or similar entity, deter other entities that might be tempted to cut corners or engage in similar practices.

Get Representation From a Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer

You may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit if you’ve lost a loved one due to an avoidable accident. We can help.

The Joel Bieber Firm, experienced Virginia Beach wrongful death lawyers, advocates for you and your family with competency, compassion, and determination, safeguarding your legal interests and fighting for your rights. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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