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Taxi Accident Lawyer

Taxi Accidents Lawyer

You may choose to take a taxi because it is convenient. Or you may not have a personal vehicle and need to use a taxi service to get around. Whatever the reasons for using a taxi, using a taxi presents risks and benefits. While you need not deal with the stresses of driving, you place your safety in the hands of another person: the taxi driver. Many taxi drivers are professionals who take the safety of their taxi passenger seriously.

Others, sadly, may engage in dangerous, reckless driving even while transporting a fare. In either case, using a taxi is no guarantee that you will reach your destination safely. If you are involved in a taxi crash, you can suffer serious injuries. You can contact our taxi accident lawyer to get free consultation

If you were injured in a taxi accident, you may have legal rights to compensation. The dedicated taxi accident lawyers at The Joel Bieber Firm can protect your rights and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a taxi accident case evaluation today.

Responsibility for a Taxi Crash

Like any other motor vehicle accident, the negligence of several individuals can cause a taxi accident. One of the chief responsibilities of your taxi accident lawyer is investigating who is most responsible for causing the wreck. This person or business is the one against whom you will file a auto accident claim and demand compensation.

The list of potentially responsible parties includes the following:

The Taxi Driver

Although your taxi driver may have more driving hours than the average motorist, they are still human. As a result, they are still prone to making poor decisions and errors in judgment.

The actions of the taxi driver will be some of the first your taxi accident lawyer will examine. Personal injury attorneys will look for evidence that the taxi driver was:

  • Speeding or disobeying traffic laws

  • Distracted driving by a cell phone, radio, or dispatch call

  • Impaired by alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications

  • Too tired to safely drive or had worked a double shift

  • Using a taxi vehicle they knew to be in need of repair

These and other careless choices can subject the taxi driver — and their employer — to legal liability.

The Taxi Driver’s Employer

If the taxi driver was on duty and working at the time of the crash, then the taxi companies can bear legal responsibility as well. This liability exists because employers generally indemnify their employees when they commit careless acts. The cab company may also be separately liable for its own negligent actions, such as:

  • Hiring the negligent taxi driver despite the driver’s poor driving history

  • Failing to investigate complaints of a driver’s poor or dangerous driving habits

  • Not disciplining drivers who violate the law or company policy

  • Refusing to conduct drug or alcohol tests, especially where there is evidence a driver is using one or the other while on the clock

Your taxi accident lawyer will likely look closely at the cab company’s liability as well as the cab driver’s. Businesses will have greater financial resources and thus be better able to compensate you for your taxi accident claim.

A Third-Party Motorist

If the cab driver has a solid driving history and followed proper safety protocols at the time of the taxi cab accident, another motorist may be to blame. Other motorists can also contribute to taxi accidents.

For example, if your taxi cab crashes due to an impaired or careless driver on the road, the liability could rest with that cab driver instead of the taxi company.

Other Potentially Responsible Parties

Motorists don’t always cause accidents. Sometimes, pedestrians or even repair shops are to blame.

Your taxi accident attorney investigation may reveal other individuals who could have played a part in your crash. The following list of potentially liable individuals could include:

  • Inattentive pedestrians or bicyclists who create a hazard on the road

  • Mechanics who incorrectly service a taxi, causing an important system to fail

  • City or state work crews who fail to maintain a road, allow a hazardous work zone to exist, or do not repair or replace defective traffic signals

Identifying these individuals and the role they played in your crash is crucial, even if these people were not the primary cause of your accident. Determining the role they did play in your accident is a critical step in making sure you get the most compensation possible.

Compensation Available in Taxi Accident Cases

Once your taxi cab accident lawyer has identified the responsible parties, you can bring a injury claims against those parties for compensation. You are entitled to pursue compensation for all losses that you incurred as a result of the crash.

A compensation award can give you monetary damages for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses you had to pay because of the wreck.

You can also recover compensation for non-economic losses, like your mental pain and suffering. For example, suppose that you developed post-traumatic stress disorder after the crash and, as a result, cannot go in public or ride in cars. This, too, would be a non-economic loss for which you could pursue compensation.

Work closely with your taxi accidents lawyer in determining the losses you sustained. Determining the extent of the harm you suffered and the expenses you could incur in the future is an essential step in your case.

Knowing this number benefits you in settlement negotiations with insurance companies and negligent parties. It also helps ensure you receive the compensation you need to fully treat your injuries.

Why The Joel Bieber Firm For Taxi Accidents?

When you have suffered injuries in a taxi crash, you need a knowledgeable attorney who can guide you through the next steps. These steps can include investigating your crash, preparing and filing a lawsuit, engaging in settlement negotiations, and taking your case to trial.

The Joel Bieber Firm has over 400 years of combined experience representing injury victims. We provide them with professional and effective advice and advocacy at all stages. You can trust The Joel Bieber Firm to protect your rights and fight for maximum compensation.

Contact The Joel Bieber Firm today for help you filing claim for your taxi accident.