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Prescription Drug Errors

When used correctly, prescription drugs can save lives. However, when used incorrectly, prescription drugs can be more dangerous than the conditions they are intended to cure. 

Even if you intend to use prescription drugs correctly, you can use them the wrong way if your doctor makes a mistake with your prescription. If a prescription drug error has harmed you, a personal injury lawyer can get you the financial compensation you deserve for that harm.

Types of Prescription Drug Errors

Unfortunately, doctors can make prescription errors in a variety of ways. And just about all types of medication errors are dangerous for the patient. Some of the most common errors that doctors make are:

  • Prescribing the wrong drug
  • Wrong dose prescription/wrong dose preparation
  • Incorrectly administering a correctly prescribed drug
  • Administering the wrong drug due to mislabeling a drug
  • Failing to realize that a drug might interact with another drug the patient is taking
  • Failing to warn a patient about side effects
  • Prescribing a drug the patient is allergic to
  • Indicating the wrong time constraints in the usage of a drug

Doctors aren’t the only ones who can make a drug prescription error. Pharmacists can make these errors as well. The most common pharmacist mistakes are:

  • Preparing an improper dose of the prescribed drug
  • Providing a patient with an unauthorized drug
  • Mislabeling a drug given to a patient
  • Failing to provide safety instructions for proper use
  • Accidentally failing to provide a prescribed drug

In a prescription drug error case, the liability falls to the party responsible for the mistake. Whether your doctor or your pharmacist is responsible depends on the circumstances. 

Your personal injury lawyer has the experience to determine who is liable and who should be providing compensation for the harm you suffered due to a prescription drug error.

Prescription vs. Administration

Your doctor gives you a prescription after diagnosing a condition. The prescription includes both the type of drug you are to receive and the dosage of that drug. When making a prescription, your doctor is supposed to consider the condition being treated and your medical history.

After a drug has been prescribed, somebody administers it to you. This can be a medical professional at a medical facility, or it can be self-administered after you pick it up at a pharmacy. If someone else is administering you a drug, they can make a mistake even if the prescription is correct.

Harmful mistakes can be made at any point by anyone involved in either the prescription or administration of the drug.

Consequences of Medication Errors

Medication errors can lead to lifelong harm or even death. Most drugs are deadly when taken at doses significantly higher than prescribed. 

And while smaller dosages of drugs usually aren’t dangerous, they usually have minimal to no effect on someone’s medical condition. If you take too little of a drug, it is effectively not treating your medical condition at all.

Taking the wrong drug can also lead to a lot of dangerous situations. Besides the fact that you aren’t treating the condition when you take the wrong drug, you also risk taking a drug that you might be allergic to. 

Even if you are not allergic, the drug may have harmful interactions with other drugs you take or cause dangerous side effects you weren’t prepared for. This is particularly dangerous if you are self-administering and don’t have nearby medical support in case of harmful consequences.

Finally, it can’t be understated how detrimental it is when your medical condition isn’t being treated because of a medication error. 

Conditions like heart disease, infections, cancer, viruses, and organ failure require immediate and constant treatment. Even a short gap in treatment can result in significant deterioration of the condition, which may be fatal.

How a Prescription Drug Error Lawyer Can Help You

If you have suffered harm due to a drug prescription error, you will usually require a lot of medical attention to recover. All that medical attention is expensive. A personal injury lawyer will work to get you the money you need to pay for that recovery and other expenses arising from the medication error.

Recovery is painful and stressful. And insurance companies often try to take advantage of people while they are in recovery. 

Your prescription drug error lawyer will deal with the insurance companies for you so that you can focus all of your attention on getting better. This is the best way to ensure that you get fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

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