Popular Kid-Friendly Theatres in Richmond

During holidays, you might wish to have your kids learn about acting, music, and any other form of art in Richmond. Various theaters offer arts training for kids and give them a platform to perform. The theater academies for kids prepare them for the future if they want to pursue a career in arts. Here are some of the popular theatres for kids within Richmond. More can be found here.


The Children’s Theatre of Virginia

The Children’s Theatre of Virginia in Richmond provides the best environment for children to learn about art and entertainment. The theater hosts a wide variety of performing arts, including comedy and musical plays. The theater is run by private companies and focuses on developing the culture of performing arts in Richmond. Learn more about Best Places to Be for Lovers of Performing Arts in Richmond.


The HATTheater was started in 1993 by a nonprofit organization to help grow art in Richmond. The main goal of setting up the theater was to provide entertainment to the people of Richmond at an affordable price. The theater hosts a variety of plays from local creators every day of the week. The HATTheatre also offers art classes to children from the age of 5 years as well as adults.

SPARC- School of Performing Arts

SPARC has been at the forefront in advocating for arts in Richmond for over 30 years. The school offers training for children and adults in various forms of art. Several plays are held at the school by children.

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