Most Popular Neighborhoods in Richmond, VA

If you have plans of moving into Richmond, one of your biggest worries is probably where you are going to stay. There are many neighborhoods within the city from which you can choose one to live in. However, neighborhoods have different characteristics in terms of age distribution and cultures. Some of the best neighborhoods are listed below. Find further facts here.

Court End

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Richmond. Court End is mainly composed of residential buildings. A majority of the people living in Court End rent their houses. The neighborhood was given its name due to its proximity to the Virginia Supreme Court. Visit more about Popular Events Held to Celebrate Art in Richmond.

East End

The East End in Richmond is made up of various neighborhoods. Popular neighborhoods within the East End include Church Hill and Fairmount. For those who love history, the East End is the best place to live in Richmond. There are several historical sites, including old railway stations within the neighborhood.

Byrd Park

Byrd Park is one of the most popular neighborhoods within the West End of Richmond. The neighborhood was planned in the early 1900s and is surrounded by various recreational parks. This makes it one of the most preferred neighborhoods by those who love outdoor activities. One of the popular parks near Byrd Park neighborhood is the Maymont Park.

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