Greenville, SC is a Festival City

Delightful Events In Greenville, SC

When it comes to festivals, Greenville hosts plenty of them. Throughout the year, across all the seasons, there is always a festival. While most of them touch on music, others touch on other aspects like food and culture. If you prefer attending festivals, consider doing so during these seasons. More facts can be seen here.

Spring Events

Some yearly events take place in the summer. The list is so long, but the best include some like, Egg Hunt festival that takes place at River Park North. It involves a classic egg hunt where participants trade empty eggs for goodies. Another one is the Farmville Dogwood Festival that has been happening yearly for the past 30 years. This particular festival focuses on displaying artistic talents on the workmanships of local and regional artisans. You will find plenty of handcrafted items such as pottery, woodworks, jewelry, and many more. Learn more about Greenville, SC is a Historical City.


Summer Events

Events that come in summer are some of the best that you must never miss. The lineup of these events comes systematically since the town’s leadership organizes most of them. Fourth of July Celebration is one hell of an interactive event that takes place annually. It features yummy food, live music, and other activities. Fountain Peanut is yet another festival that features old-fashioned activities involving music and other entertainment.