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The Joel Bieber Firm is a group of skilled and experienced personal injury attorneys, in Richmond, VA. We conveniently have offices located throughout the region so that wherever you are injured we will come to you

The world has changed and people no longer accept responsibility for their actions that cause personal injury to others. They will put the blame on somebody else or simply deny the truth. This happens with individuals and as we now know, large corporations.

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If you feel like you have a personal injury claim, the insurance companies and corporations have the resources and lawyers to make your life difficult, even when the fault falls on their client. Some think they can bully, delay, misrepresent or stonewall until you give up and go away. At the Joel Bieber Firm your rights are protected.

The Joel Bieber Firm prides itself on the outstanding and aggressive legal representation it provides clients. Whether it’s a small claim or a multi-million dollar action our personal injury attorneys dedicate themselves to your case, working to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Part of our duty to you is to be a counselor who will advise you based on our experience in and out of the courtroom.


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