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What You Need to Know if Your Child Was Injured at School by Another Student

child Was Injured at School

It is every parent’s nightmare — the school calls to tell you another student hurt your child. You are probably angry and frightened and don’t know what to do. Hopefully, the following information will help you if this horrible situation occurs. If your child was injured at school, it’s crucial to be informed and take the necessary steps to ensure their well-being and address the situation appropriately.


Who Is Responsible When Another Student Injured My Child?


Student Injured- child Was Injured at School

When a lawyer approaches this type of case, the first thing they do is investigate the circumstances of the injury. Those circumstances will help the lawyer determine who is responsible.

The Other Child May Be Responsible


Legally, children under a certain age can’t be responsible for their actions. The exact age is different in each state, and mental capability will also matter.

However, even if a child is responsible, the law will still probably treat them like a child. That limits potential punishments and how much money you can get from them in a civil lawsuit.

The one major exception is when the other student is 18 years old. In this situation, they are an adult and fully responsible for their actions.

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Their Parents May Be Responsible


When a child is legally unable to be responsible, usually, their parents are responsible. This doesn’t mean they will be criminally responsible (at least not usually). But they will probably be civilly responsible.

This means you can sue them for damages to your child. More likely, though, their insurance will cover the injuries to your child.

The School May Be Responsible


Sometimes, the school is responsible for the injuries to your child. When you send your child to a school, it becomes responsible for protecting them from foreseeable harm. If a teacher or assistant was negligent, they are responsible even if another child did the damage.

Teachers may be responsible when they:

  • Ignore bullying or other acts of violence
  • Don’t properly supervise children
  • Refuse to allow an injured child to visit the nurse or call their parents

If the school is responsible, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

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Your Child May Be Responsible


Sometimes, your child may be responsible for their injuries. For example, if they bullied another kid, and that child defended themself. In this case, you will be responsible for any injuries.

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