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College Student Driving Tips

Waving goodbye to your college aged child as they head off to their college dorm in a car filled with all of their belongings is something that many of us are doing right now – do not forget to provide yours with simple college student driving tips.


This rite of passage is a time honored tradition, and one that many of us missed out on last year due to the pandemic when many college students stayed home and studied remotely.  

Did you know that it is one of the riskiest times for your child?  

According to national statistics, over 20% of fatal car accidents each year are by drivers in this age group, and over 500,000 received serious injuries in motor vehicle crashes.

Why are college students more prone to car accidents than other age groups?

There are a few factors that put undergrads at a higher danger for car accident crashes. Fortunately, knowing the risks can help these drivers avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Moving to a New City – College Student Driving Tip #1

Many undergraduates move to new urban areas or states for school. They aren’t familiar with the street markings, directions, traffic patterns and common roadside hazards.  Trying to navigate the labyrinth of a new city can be daunting for drivers of any age, but even more so to this age group who rely heavily on directions from iPhones and other digital devices.   

Safety Advice: Make sure that you add time in advance of the move in date to familiarize yourself with the environment.  Take time, when you are not in a rush to better understand the traffic flow, commuting times, and best routes to common places that you are likely to frequent – local restaurants, training fields, parks and laundromats, for example. destinations.

Less Driving Experience – College Student Driving Tip #2

It is a well established fact, that younger drivers have less experience, and even without moving to a new location, are more likely to be involved in accidents than their older counterparts. Many college students find themselves driving in more complex circumstances like multi-lane interstates, or one-way systems, or multiple lanes merging simultaneously.

Safety Advice: Practice makes perfect.  As hard as it may be, find the opportunity to co-pilot with your college age driver and introduce them to these types of driving conditions before sending them off to drive alone in an unfamiliar and likely urban setting.

Campus Celebrations and Driving Under the Influence – College Student Driving Tip #3

Unfortunately, college campuses of all types are renowned for their party atmosphere.  It is critically important that parents and other key influencers reinforce the importance of not drinking and driving.  Nationwide, the highest level of drunk drivers that are cited are in the 21-24 age group despite the range of commercials and other informative material flooding the airwaves during back-to-school months.  

Safety Advice: Reinforcing the importance of the designated driver rule, and casually asking who drove to recent parties can help.  Many parents have an unconditional promise – call me anytime 24/7 and I will help you find a way to get home.  

Call a Car Accident Lawyer – College Student Driving Tip #4

One of the best safety features for your peace of mind, is to make sure that your college student knows who to call in the case of an accident.  No doubt the first call will be to you, but the second call while still at the scene of the accident should be to a trusted car accident lawyer.  

We have experienced car accident lawyers who can guide your college student through the important steps to take after a collision.  Contact our experienced team: