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School Bus Accident Lawyer

You entrust your child’s bus driver to safely transport them to and from school each day. Many bus operators take this charge seriously and do their best to drive carefully and prudently. However, injuries can still happen on and around the school bus. Not only can school bus drivers commit reckless acts, but so too can other drivers sharing the roadway with the bus. A school bus collision with other cars and trucks risks the safety of both the children on board and other motorists. If you or your child is injured, you can seek assistance from the experienced school bus accident lawyers at The Joel Bieber Firm.

With years of experience representing individuals hurt in motor vehicle accidents of all types, The Joel Bieber Firm can handle the complexities of any school bus crash. Contact us today to get free consultation with your accident injuries.

What Causes a School Bus Crash?

Once a crash or collision with a school bus occurs, it becomes your school bus accident lawyer’s job to unpack the incident and determine what happened. When a bus is wrecked, it does not necessarily mean that the bus driver is responsible for the crash. In fact, one of several people or groups could have caused the crash, including the following:

Another Impatient or Careless Motorist

Some drivers become angry or aggressive when they see a school bus on the road. They resent stopping for the bus’s lights and waiting while children load and unload. As a result, they may try to speed around a school bus, cutting the bus driver off and causing a collision.

The Bus’s Mechanic

Like any other motor vehicle, school buses need regular maintenance to operate. If a mechanic is careless when performing a repair on a bus, the bus can be dangerous to operate. For example, suppose that a bus needs new brake pads, but the mechanic does not perform the repair properly. This can cause the brakes to fail when the driver attempts to stop the school bus, resulting in a crash.

The Bus Driver and School District

Last, the property owner has a duty to tell guests of any dangers that the owner discovers or should have known about. These include hazards that could injure guests that the owner could not repair.

Providing notice to guests in multiple ways is advisable, such as verbally informing the guest as well as labeling or roping off the dangerous area.

Not Intentionally Harm Guests

The school bus driver may have committed a careless act while driving, and this could have caused a wreck. Examples of careless driving behaviors that a school bus driver might commit include the following:

  • Speeding or disobeying other traffic laws
  • Losing control of distractions on the bus
  • Getting insufficient rest before driving and falling asleep at the wheel
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications

Finally, the school district may also be responsible for a bus accidents involving with school children. If the district had reason to know that the bus driver was not qualified to drive or had a history of safety violations, they might be liable for damages in the event of a crash. A district should never retain a driver known to act in a careless or reckless manner.

Recovering compensation for any injuries you or your child sustains requires identifying the parties who acted carelessly and contributed to the accident. You can trust your school bus accident lawyer from The Joel Bieber Firm to uncover the causes of your accident.

Challenges of School Bus Crash Lawsuits

Another reason you should consider retaining a school bus accident lawyer is the unique nature of these lawsuits. The law considers a school district a government entity, and its employees are government workers. Every state has laws that govern how you can bring suit against a government entity for negligence.

These laws, often called tort claims acts, are very specific, and you must strictly comply with them. If you do not follow the required procedure, a court will dismiss your suit, and you will not receive compensation. Experienced school bus accident lawyers know these laws and can navigate the applicable procedure.

Steps to Take Following a School Bus Crash

If a bus accident harms you or your child, your first concern should always be your physical health and safety. Anyone with severe injuries must go to the hospital right away or call for emergency help from the scene of the crash. With less serious injuries, it is still a good idea to visit your local emergency room or doctor’s office so they can evaluate your condition.

Then, follow these steps:

Do Not Talk with Others About the Crash Without Legal Counsel

Refrain from speaking with others about the crash until you have had a chance to talk with an attorney. It is okay to speak with your child about what happens when you are at home. However, you should not allow school officials to interview your child without your knowledge. Your personal injury attorney can help you prepare to give statements that are factual and that do not jeopardize your rights. They will help you to get campantation 

Beware of Signing Any Document

If the school district or bus company presents you with any document, you should seek legal help from a school bus accident lawyer immediately. You do not want to sign a document that could limit your ability to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses. Ask to take any document to your attorney and have them look it over before signing.

Keep All Bills, Invoices, and Receipts

To better facilitate settlement negotiations and help ensure that your lawsuit seeks the compensation you need, document your expenses. Keep copies of all your hospital and doctor’s bills, invoices, and other similar documents you receive, and note how much time you and your child miss from work and school. Last, keep a journal describing your thoughts and feelings about your injuries. These notes can help prove non-economic damages in your bus accident case.

Get Help from an Experienced School Bus Accident Lawyer

It is important that you act quickly if a school bus crash or collision harms you or your child. Call The Joel Bieber Firm as soon as you can to ask for help from our qualified, compassionate team. We are committed to providing you with quality and effective advocacy at every stage of representation to help you get the compensation for what you suffer due to a school bus accident.


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