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What Type of Lawyers Handle Wrongful Death Claims?

What Types of Lawyers Handle Wrongful Death Claims

If you lost a loved one in a tragic, avoidable accident, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim against the person or entity that caused it. 

A wrongful death claim is a type of lawsuit similar to a personal injury claim filed in a civil court. It’s how you’re able to recoup financial losses, like the cost of medical care and funeral expenses, and it’s a chance to get financial compensation for your pain and suffering from the party that caused the death of your loved one.

But filing a wrongful death claim takes legal expertise from a personal injury attorney who handles wrongful death cases. Finding the right attorney to represent your family can make a big difference in whether you win or lose your case and how much of a settlement you’re awarded. So learn what type of lawyer handle wrongful death claim in this article.

Learn what Virginia Government  law say about wrongful death.

The Joel Bieber Firm is a personal injury law firm with the experience you need to handle a wrongful death case, no matter who the defendant is.


Can Any Type of Attorney File My Wrongful Death Case?


Hire lawyer
Hire lawyer for your case

Although any type of general practice attorney can file a wrongful death suit, you may have a better result when you hire a personal injury lawyer with experience litigating these kinds of cases. 

Wrongful death cases can be complicated, especially if a corporation is involved, and not every law firm has the resources to successfully see your case through to trial.

After someone dies due to negligence, oversight, or recklessness, such as medical malpractice, an on-the-job accident, or a dangerous consumer product, the company associated with the accident will immediately shift into overdrive to minimize the fallout.

For example, if a body powder manufacturer releases asbestos-contaminated talcum powder to consumers and the product is later linked to lung cancer, the manufacturer will try to mitigate the publicity about its oversight and minimize how much of its profits it will have to pay out to consumers who were harmed by the faulty product. 

You need a lawyer who is prepared to fight against a national corporation’s legal teams and deep pockets.

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Reasons to Hire Lawyers Who Focus on Wrongful Death Lawsuits


Personal injury and wrongful death lawyers choose this area of the law to represent victims who have been harmed by the negligent actions of someone else. They advocate for people who were hurt through no fault of their own and — in wrongful death cases — fight for the grieving family left behind. 

Wrongful death attorneys in this concentrated niche have a detailed background in insurance company tactics and will be skilled litigators and negotiators.

Knowing how much to seek in a wrongful death case can be challenging, but experienced wrongful death lawyers know how much your case is worth. You and your family may receive a financial award to cover:

  • Medical bills from the accident before your loved one died
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost income and loss of inheritance or support
  • Loss of services your loved one would have provided, such as caregiving
  • Loss of affection, support, consortium, guidance, and companionship

Quantifying loss, pain, and suffering is hard for many families. At The Joel Bieber Firm, we handle this process with the dignity and compassion you deserve.

Insurance companies may try to offer you a fast settlement, and if your bills are mounting up, you may be tempted to take it. But your lawyer may be able to secure a much better award and even seek punitive damages to punish a reckless company for its egregious wrongdoing and oversight.

Proving Fault in a Wrongful Death Case


Wrongful death accident
Wrongful death situation

The same laws that apply to a personal injury case apply to a wrongful death claim:

  • The defendant (the at-fault party) owed the plaintiff (the victim) a duty of care
  • The defendant breached the duty of care
  • The victim died as a result of that breach of duty
  • The plaintiff (and surviving family members) suffered damages and losses as a result

However, state laws can vary. Some states require that a representative of the deceased’s estate file the wrongful death claim on behalf of the family. 

Also, plaintiffs have only a certain amount of time — called the statute of limitations — to file their wrongful death suit. This period can vary from state to state and can be as little as one year or as long as six years from the date of your loved one’s death.

Wrongful death lawyers understand the requirements of personal injury statutes in your state and will ensure that your case is handled in a timely manner and is compliant with all state laws.

The Joel Bieber Firm — Wrongful Death Lawyers Supporting Your Claim


Do you believe your loved one died from an accident that could have been avoided? You may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim. Contact The Joel Bieber Firm today for a free consultation about your case. 

I hope you understand What Type of Lawyers Handle Wrongful Death Claims and how they help you to get the fair compensation.

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