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Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

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You likely have heard the term “slip and fall” used in lawsuits. Perhaps you envision an individual stepping on a banana peel or in a puddle of spilled water inside a supermarket and falling. 

Both are indeed examples of slips and falls, but many more types exist. When negligence is the cause of the incident, the victim has a chance to seek compensatory damages for the losses they have suffered.

What Exactly Is a Slip and Fall Accident?


Slip and fall accidents occur when someone falls due to tripping or slipping while on someone else’s property. However, neither slipping, tripping, nor falling are requisite conditions for a slip and fall claim. Any type of injury occasioned while on property belonging to another may potentially fall under the banner of slip and fall accidents. 


Common Types of Slip and Fall Accident Situations


Slip and fall injury
Slip and fall injury

There are countless ways a person might become injured in a slip and fall accident while on someone else’s property. Additionally, certain types of slip and fall accidents occur more frequently than others. 

Slippery Walkways


An unattended spill in aisle ten and ice-covered steps to a business or residence are but two classic examples of how people often slip and fall due to slippery surfaces. 

In general, spills, ice, and other elements that create slippery conditions are not the problem. It’s the response to the slippery condition that’s the issue. Failing to take action to warn the public or remedy the condition is usually where the negligence lies. 



Decluttering a house or business not only makes it look nice; it also makes it safer. Businesses that stack their merchandise in aisles or allow customer clutter — such as shopping carts and baskets — to collect where the public walks create a risk of injury. Even worse is when doorways and exits become partially or entirely blocked by clutter.

Damaged Walkways


More than one person has stepped through rotting wood and suffered an injury. And plenty of others have tripped on damaged and dangerous walkways that should have been fixed. Whether inside a building or out, the walkways should be safe for the public.

Railing Problems


Many people rely on railings for support. Those that don’t still use them for various reasons, including:

  • Support 
  • A place to put their hands
  • Guidance

Railings must be able to support the weight of humans. People expect that the railings they encounter won’t collapse when used correctly. Negligence occurs when no one properly maintains the railings of a property or when railings are not built or installed correctly.

Hazardous Landscaping


Businesses and homes are beautified by landscaping. However, some places have dangerous features in their exteriors that tend to cause accidents. Once again, negligence is typically behind the peril. 

Common landscaping dangers include:

  • Holes and depressions
  • Vines and branches across walkways
  • Gardening tools and equipment on walkways 
  • Wet grass clippings
  • Unexposed wires or cords for lighting
  • Poor visibility

Landscaping hazards may also come from above. Falling objects such as tree branches and fruit can also cause injuries. 

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Poor or Absent Lighting


Slip and neck fall injury
Slip and neck fall injury

A perfectly safe walkway or entrance can become deadly without proper lighting. Falls off ledges and down staircases happen when a building or house owner fails to provide the proper illumination for walkways, doors, and other places people pass. 

You can probably think of many more examples. The truth is, premises negligence is quite common. Sometimes, two or more conditions work in concert to create a substantial hazard for the public, such as a cluttered hallway that is poorly lit. 

Fortunately, not all broken railings or slippery floors claim victims. But there may be recourse for those who suffer injuries due to the negligent upkeep of premises.

Getting Compensation for a Slip and Fall Accident


Injury victims of slip and fall accidents may have a path to compensation for their losses. A premises liability lawyer may be able to help make this happen by developing a solid case and fiercely negotiating with the relevant insurance company.

If your accident occurred at a place of business, then the business likely has a general liability insurance policy to cover these situations. If the accident occurred at a private residence, then the homeowner’s policy may include coverage provisions. 

Regardless of the source of the compensation, victims of slip and fall accidents routinely receive more compensation for their injuries when represented by an experienced premises liability lawyer.

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