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How Long Does It Take to Get a Settlement Check for an Injury Claim?

Injury Claim

After settling an injury claim, many clients want to know when they can expect to receive the check. This is understandable. When you hire a lawyer, it is usually because you need compensation as quickly as possible. And every delay can feel excruciating. So, how long does it take to get a settlement check after a claim is resolved? The answer depends on factors often related to the insurance company.


Bureaucracy That Can Delay a Settlement Check


Just because the insurance company agreed to pay you a certain amount of money doesn’t mean it wants to pay you quickly. And the more time that money sits in its bank account, the more interest the company makes on it.

Thus, it is likely to take advantage of as much bureaucracy as possible to delay your check.

Signatures- Settlement Check for an Injury Claim


Injury Claim


Even though your lawyer and the insurance company agreed to a settlement, it isn’t final until you sign the documents. And the insurance company is happy to let you delay that as long as possible. Talk to your lawyer about signing those documents quickly, and don’t put it off.

Reviews- Settlement Check for an Injury Claim


Typically, when your lawyer negotiates a settlement, they also write the contract for that settlement. Unsurprisingly, the insurance company reviews that paperwork to confirm it is what they agreed to. And that can take days or weeks.

Similarly, even if the insurance company writes up the paperwork, it may spend days reviewing it to ensure it is correct.

Long Time Limits


Some states have laws that limit how long an insurance company can wait to send you a check. Sadly, those limits are usually measured in weeks. And insurance companies usually use all that time.

When there are no state limits, the process may take even longer. Eventually, your personal injury lawyer might have to take legal action to force the insurance company to send a check.

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Bank Confirmations- Settlement Check for an Injury Claim


The most frustrating delay might be the time it takes your bank to confirm the check. This can take almost a week in some cases.

The Joel Bieber Firm Fights to Get Your Money Quickly


At The Joel Bieber Firm, we know the ways insurance companies may use to delay sending your personal injury case settlement check. We fight to get you the money you deserve as quickly as possible. To learn more, contact us to speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer today.

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