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Understanding High-Siding Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident

All motorcycle accidents are scary. Motorcycle drivers have very little protection against injury, even if they are wearing protective gear. But some types of accidents are more terrifying than others. High-siding motorcycle accidents are one of the scariest types of motorcycle accidents. In this type of accident, you are thrown off the motorcycle. That usually results in serious injuries.

If you regularly ride a motorcycle, this is what you should know about high-siding motorcycle accidents.


Common Causes of High-Siding Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle Accidents

This type of accident occurs when your motorcycle temporarily loses traction and then regains it. When you regain traction, your motorcycle will often shimmy, throwing you off the bike. Typically, the following factors contribute to losing traction:

  • Slippery or slick surfaces
  • Accelerating too quickly after a turn
  • Downshifting too quickly before a turn
  • Leaning too low when in a curve

Once you lose traction, it is very hard to recover it safely. Consequently, many drivers will intentionally steer into the skid to try to suffer a less devastating type of crash.

How to Avoid a High-Side Crash


The best way to avoid this type of accident is to take appropriate precautions. You must take some of these precautions before you even get on your bike.

Tire Pressure- Motorcycle Accidents


Low tire pressure often results in bikes losing traction. Consequently, you should check your tire pressure before every ride. To accomplish this task, you should purchase a device to check and inflate your tires and keep it with your bike at all times.



Motorcycles that are carrying more weight are more likely to lose traction. Therefore, you should be careful not to overload your bike. Pay close attention to how much you put on your motorcycle, and make sure to never exceed the recommended weight limit. If you need to carry more, use a car or truck.

Maintenance- Motorcycle Accidents


A well-maintained bike is less likely to lose traction. Unless you are a professional mechanic, take your bike to a mechanic regularly. Spending a few hundred dollars each year can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and medical bills.

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Most high-siding motorcycle crashes are the fault of the driver. However, your accident could be due to faulty maintenance or other negligence. If you were injured in a high-side motorcycle accident, contact our law firm as soon as possible to speak to a lawyer.

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