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Common Injuries After Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident

Even with the best protective gear — a helmet, leathers or tough jeans, and goggles — a motorcycle driver who is involved in a collision with a passenger car or truck will be more severely injured than the car driver almost every time. If you’ve been struck by a vehicle while riding your motorcycle, a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer from The Joel Bieber Firm can help you file a claim for damages. Call us today for a free initial consultation for motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle Injuries Can Be Life-Changing and Catastrophic


A helmet can significantly reduce your chances of a serious head injury, but even still, you could sustain damage to your head in a crash. Head injuries aren’t the only injuries motorcycle drivers suffer, many drivers may have multiple painful injuries after a crash.

Knowing the kind of serious injuries that can occur in a motorcycle crash can help you be a more defensive driver on the road. Learn about the most common kinds of motorcycle accident injuries and how they happen. Get a personal injury lawyer and understand how much is a good settlement for motorcycle accidents.


Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions


A concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when your head hits a solid object, like the pavement or the hood of the car that strikes you. Your brain violently strikes the inside of the skull, damaging the tissue. Your brain can bleed and swell or even have the left side separate from the right.

Blunt trauma is the most common kind of head injury, but sometimes in a collision, an object can pierce the skull and penetrate the brain. A severe blunt force or penetrative head injury can be fatal without prompt medical attention.

Motorcycle riders who aren’t wearing a helmet have a much higher chance of sustaining serious brain damage after a head injury. However, even with a helmet, you can still suffer head trauma. Helmets can save lives when worn properly, but make sure to wear only new helmets (never used) that have been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Due to Motorcycle Accidents, you can face memory loss, confusion, blackouts, and disorientation are common indications of a concussion or TBI. Brain injuries are rated on degrees of severity. A mild concussion may cause headaches for a few weeks and make concentrating difficult. Moderate head injuries intensify these symptoms, and many people may have trouble speaking or remembering words.

Personality changes are common for moderate to severe head injuries, and many people may experience the onset of anxiety or depression after the wreck. Headaches and trouble with balance are physical effects of a TBI.

People with severe TBI may end up with significant brain damage, sometimes to the point where they cannot care for themselves on their own.

Dermal Abrasions (Road Rash)


Road Rash is a nickname for scraping of the dermal layers of the skin. It’s common in motorcycle accidents, especially if the rider isn’t wearing leather or thick pants.

When your flesh scrapes along the concrete, multiple layers of the dermis are removed, exposing muscle or even bone. Although road rash occurs anywhere the body meets the road, the most common areas it happens to are the arms, back, and legs.

Road rash after a motorcycle accident is painful and can have serious complications. Because the area of the wound is so large, infection is quite common. The jagged edges of the wound make suturing difficult, so skin grafts are often required to treat the injury. These surgeries can be painful and take months if the damage is over a large area of your body.

These days bike related fatalities are reported very frequently. When valuing your claim, your motorcycle accident lawyer will estimate the cost of future skin grafts and recovery to ensure that your settlement can cover everything.

Fractures and Broken Bones


In a violent motorcycle accident, the driver may be flung from the bike, landing hard and breaking bones. Or they may be trapped beneath the other vehicle and break an arm or a leg. Broken ribs are very common in a crash. Sometimes, if the break is bad enough, the victim may require surgery to have pins placed in their limbs.

Recovery after a break may be long and painful. People who break a leg may require physical therapy to walk again. If you have an active job that requires you to be on your feet a lot, you may be sidelined until you fully heal.

Back, Neck, and Spinal Injuries after Motorcycle Accidents


Spinal Injuries from Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accidents

Your vulnerable spinal cord may be seriously injured after a motorcycle wreck. Depending on how severe the injury is or where on the spine you’re hurt, you may suffer partial or complete paralysis. Sometimes, this is a temporary condition that may heal, but other times, you may no longer have the ability to walk or move independently.

Less severe neck and spine injuries are still painful. A herniated disc may require surgery to correct and cause painful pressure on the spine. Whiplash is also common, with the muscles and ligaments in the neck overstretching. You may be in chronic pain after a spine or neck injury or require multiple visits to a chiropractor to correct it.

Internal Organ Damage and Internal Bleeding


The force of the collision can rupture your spleen, or a broken rib may puncture your lungs. Internal organ damage could happen through the force of the car hitting you or you hitting the road.

Internal bleeding after organ damage can be dangerous and is harder for emergency responders to control. Sepsis or hemorrhaging is serious and can be fatal.

Damaged organs may be repaired through surgery. Other times, though, the crash victim may have compromised organ function, which may affect the rest of their lives.

Because organ damage and internal bleeding often aren’t visible, it’s very important to have a trained medical professional evaluate you after a wreck.

Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?


If you’ve been injured in motorcycle accidents, an experienced motorcycle attorney can help you file a claim for compensation against the driver who hit you. If you are in Baltimore then be sure to speak with your Baltimore motorcycle accident lawyer in Maryland if you have questions.

You may be eligible for compensation to cover your medical bills, ongoing care, and property damage to your bike. Call The Joel Bieber Firm today to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer.

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