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When to Expect Updates From Your Workers’ Comp Attorney

Workers’ Comp Attorney

No one likes to be left in the dark. And it is even worse when you are waiting for information about your worker’s comp case. You can’t do much when the insurance company isn’t responding quickly. But your workers’ comp attorney should be providing you with constant updates.


How Often Should Your Workers’ Comp Attorney Talk to You?


The answer to this question is different for every case and person. But at a minimum, your workers’ comp attorney should be talking to you as often as you need. This means that if you need weekly updates, they should give you weekly updates, even if there isn’t anything new to tell.

Too many workers’ comp attorneys will ignore their clients when things are running smoothly. While this makes sense, it isn’t a good policy. The old saying may be, “No news is good news,” but most people believe the opposite. Most people get nervous when their personal injury lawyer isn’t talking to them.

Reasons Lawyers Talk to Their Clients


Usually, your lawyer will contact you whenever something changes with your case. This means you should expect to hear from your lawyer when:

  • They file your case
  • They file a trial motion
  • The insurance company approves or denies benefits
  • The insurance company changes the value of benefits
  • Your case appears before an arbitrator
  • The lawyer received a settlement check
  • The trial is about to start
  • Something important happens regarding your case

Some lawyers will also contact you if you haven’t spoken in a while. But unfortunately, many workers’ comp attorneys don’t feel the need to regularly speak to clients.

Why It Matters


Workers’ Comp

When a client gets nervous, they often act. Maybe they will contact the insurer directly or even try to contact the court. This can result in disastrous changes to the course of the case. Lawyers should do everything they can to keep clients from feeling nervous.

Communication at The Joel Bieber Firm


At The Joel Bieber Firm, we believe that communication is the key to success in every case. We want you to feel informed throughout the legal process.

We start by asking you to determine how and when we will contact you. Do you want twice-weekly updates? Great. We will put that on our calendar, and someone knowledgeable about your case will contact you on that schedule.

Similarly, we understand that how you contact a client is just as important as when. Some people will never answer the phone but read every text message. It makes no sense to call someone like that. Our lawyers let you set a preferred form of communication, and we respect your decision whenever possible.

Workers’ Comp Lawyers at The Joel Bieber Firm


You deserve workers’ compensation after getting hurt on the job. But the process is unreasonably difficult for the average person. Our attorneys can help guide you through the process to ensure you get the money you deserve. Contact our law firm as soon as possible to speak to a workers’ comp lawyer who wants to help.

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