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Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Massachusetts

Car Accident in Massachusetts

What should you do after a car accident in Massachusetts? First things first — don’t panic. When you panic, you make mistakes. And mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars.

If you need a moment to calm down after a car accident in Massachusetts, take it. And once you are calm, follow these steps.


Get Medical Attention


Before you do anything else, call 911 and request medical attention. Even if you don’t think you are hurt, you can’t know for sure. The EMTs will diagnose you as soon as possible. This helps prevent a hidden injury from becoming obvious later.

No matter what plans you have, go to the hospital if the EMTs recommend it. Maybe they are being overly cautious. But you shouldn’t take that risk. It is better to spend some money on a hospital visit that you can get compensated for than to allow an injury to worsen from lack of care.

Contact a Lawyer


As soon as possible, contact The Joel Bieber Firm after a car accident in Massachusetts. Our lawyers will help guide you through the rest of the process and prevent you from making mistakes that will cost you money. Sometimes, we will even be able to send a personal injury lawyer to the scene of the accident to assist.

Share Contact Information With the Other Driver


Massachusetts Car Accident

It is illegal to leave the scene of a car accident in Massachusetts without sharing contact information with the other driver. Give them:

  • Your name
  • Driver’s license information
  • Car registration information
  • Car insurance information
  • Contact information

You also need to collect all that information from them. Since most people own smartphones, you can probably do this just by taking a few pictures of documents.

While sharing information, don’t talk about the accident. As tempting as it might be, anything you say could be used against you in a lawsuit. Just wait until your lawyer is present before telling anyone details about the accident.

Report the Accident With the Help of a Lawyer


Most likely, police will arrive at the scene before you have a lawyer present. This creates a bit of a problem for many people. You are required to report a serious car accident in Massachusetts to the police.

But just because you must report the accident doesn’t mean you need to give the police a statement without a lawyer present. You can give the police your contact information and wait to give more information when your lawyer is with you.

Similarly, you shouldn’t report the accident to the insurance company without help from your lawyer. Usually, your lawyer will interview you and then file a claim for you. That will ensure you don’t make mistakes.

Contact The Joel Bieber Firm Today


Most people only have a slight idea of what to do after an accident. At The Joel Bieber Firm, we help people like you get through the process easily. Contact us immediately after a car accident in Massachusetts.

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