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Toxic Exposure Lawyer

The modern world contains all kinds of toxic materials. Coming into contact with them is dangerous and may cause injury or death. To prevent this, various laws and regulations exist that protect the public. Sadly, some parties violate these laws through negligent, reckless, and intentional actions. When they do, however, injury victims can seek justice for their losses. If you or your loved one are injured from toxic exposure, get free consultation at Joel Bieber law firm. 

The Joel Bieber Firm Fights Hard for Victims of Toxic Exposure

The Joel Bieber Firm has a long history of exclusively representing injury victims in a wide range of case types, including toxic exposure cases.

Every toxic exposure lawyer on our team works hard to ensure that our clients get the maximum compensation available. So when you choose The Joel Bieber Firm, you enjoy the peace of mind that all that can be done is indeed being done.

You also get the time you need to recover from your injuries because the Joel Bieber Firm handles everything, including:

  • Managing all of the documents and paperwork
  • Investigating the details of your accident and injuries
  • Consulting with experts
  • Meeting and negotiating with insurance companies

If you suffered losses caused by toxic exposure, don’t hesitate to reach out to a law firm that cares. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced toxic exposure lawyer and learn how we may be able to help.

Common Toxic Exposure Situations

Because toxic substances are everywhere, the ways in which a person may experience toxic exposure are many. But most exposures take place in these three contexts:

Environmental Exposure

The environment is always at risk for contamination by players in various industries, from oil and gas to transportation.

The never-ending news of oil spills and trains carrying toxic materials derailing is proof that environmental exposure will continue. Hence, the water and ecosystems of entire communities are perpetually at risk for contamination.

Contaminated Water

Community water supplies can easily become contaminated in many different ways. Often, the cause is a negligent player in an industry where toxic chemicals abound. Or perhaps government decisions are to blame, as was the case with Flint, Michigan, for instance.

As a result, entire communities experience devastating effects on their health and well-being. The Joel Bieber Firm has the skill and compassion to fight for those whose water has become poisoned and unsafe to drink.

On-the-Job Exposure

Toxic exposure can occur in almost any job. But some industries simply have higher risks of toxic exposure than others.

Also, in many cases, exposed workers do not always realize when they have been exposed to a toxic substance. And negative health conditions caused by exposure often do not develop immediately. As a result, workers continue to expose themselves unknowingly until symptoms manifest.

Some of the more common instances and types of occupational exposure in the U.S. include:

  • Pesticide exposure, such as
  • Roundup exposure
  • Asbestos exposure
  • Exposure to bleach and other common cleaning chemicals
  • Exposure to benzene and other dangerous chemicals

Sadly, exposure to these toxic substances on the job can lead to many serious health issues, including cancer and neurological damage.


There is no amount of money that can reverse time. However, monetary damages can provide victims of toxic exposure and their families some level of relief from their losses.

Toxic Tort Compensation

Victims of toxic exposure can seek damages through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Compensable damages include:

  • Costs incurred for medical treatment
  • Lost earning capacity and loss of income
  • Costs incurred for rehabilitation and therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

In cases where the liable party acted particularly badly, punitive damages may also apply. This type of damages serves to deter future bad acts and to punish the liable party.

Workers’ Compensation

If the toxic exposure occurred while at work, the typical remedy would be benefits provided by workers’ comp insurance. Workers’ comp covers:

  • Medical treatment
  • Two-thirds of a worker’s lost wages
  • Vocational benefits

However, workers’ comp does not cover non-financial losses, such as pain and suffering. Non-financial losses can only be recovered through a personal injury lawsuit, for instance.

But workers are typically barred from suing their employers for on-the-job injuries. They may, however, file a claim against a negligent third party. This third party may be a property owner or a worker from another company.

Timing Issues and Toxic Exposure Claims

If you would like to pursue compensation for injuries caused by toxic exposure, it’s vital to keep certain timing issues in mind.

First, there is a statute of limitations for these claims. This means you only have a specific amount of time to file a claim. Depending on which state you are in, that time limit could be as short as one year and as long as six. Similarly, if you are filing a workers’ comp claim, it can vary between one and five years.

If you wait too long to take action, your claim will become void. But even if you file within the given time limits, you might still face adverse time consequences by not acting quickly.

Consider evidence as an example. Your claim needs strong proof to be valid. However, if you wait too long to hire a toxic exposure lawyer, you may find that the evidence you need is no longer available.

For instance, witnesses move away or pass away. Video footage gets deleted after a very short time. But by acting as soon as possible after an accident, you can preserve the proof you need before a problem arises.

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