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Airbnb Injury Lawyer

Upon its founding in 2008, Airbnb ushered in a new era of travel. People no longer needed to stay at hotels with uninspired decor in areas congested with tourists. Instead, travelers could stay at private homes and unique venues far from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Individuals and families could experience a city from a new vantage point. Today, millions of individuals book vacations for themselves and their families using Airbnb. While it has grown exponentially in popularity since its inception, the safety of one Airbnb can vary greatly from another. Some Airbnb host take care to ensure their guests’ safety, but others are not so committed. A Airbnb injury lawyer can help you with Airbnb injury claim.

If you or a loved one were injured while staying at an Airbnb, then Airbnb injury lawyers at The Joel Bieber Firm want to speak with you. You may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the Airbnb owner and recover compensation. The Joel Bieber Firm wants to show you how to receive financial damages for your Airbnb injuries and what legal options you have. Contact us to get a free consultation with our best personal injury lawyer.

Legal Duties of Airbnb Owners

The owner of an Airbnb opens their home or other property up to renters who pay money to use the property. Because these property owners are actively soliciting people to use their property in exchange for money, the law imposes certain legal responsibilities on them. These responsibilities include duties to:

Make Reasonable Inspections of Their Property

First, Airbnb owners must inspect their properties at regular intervals between guests. During these inspections, the owner should look for dangers and hazards that could hurt future guests. The inspection cannot be cursory; the owner must make a reasonable and good-faith effort to discover dangers that might not be readily visible.

Aside from obvious hazards like exposed electrical wiring, owners should check to make sure all appliances are in good working order. They should also look at walkways and stairways, ensuring they are in good repair and brightly lit. Last, owners will want to regularly examine their property’s HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical wiring for defects.

Take Reasonable Steps to Address Hazards

Once the owner finds a hazard that could harm a future guest, they must take reasonable steps to fix the problem. What is reasonable will depend on the facts of the individual situation, including:

  • How dangerous the condition is
  • Whether the hazard is obvious to a guest who is not familiar with the property
  • The financial resources of the owner
  • Whether there are multiple ways of correcting the problematic condition
  • The cost and durability of a particular repair
  • Host protection insurance

Owners must also have any repair project done by someone who is competent and skilled. Not doing one’s own due diligence on a repair project can also result in premises liability if the poorly repaired hazard injures someone.

Warn Guests of Any Dangers They Could Not Fix

Last, the property owner has a duty to tell Airbnb rental of any dangers that the owner discovers or should have known about. These include hazards that could injure guests that the owner could not repair.

Providing notice to guests in multiple ways is advisable, such as verbally informing the guest as well as labeling or roping off the dangerous area.

Not Intentionally Harm Guests

Of course, property owners should not make any attempt to physically harm their guests. Intentionally causing harm to guests not only leads to civil liability for compensation but may also be a crime.

This prohibition includes taking reasonable measures to prevent others from intentionally harming the guests. The owner may need to install security cameras or an alarm system to meet this obligation.

Holding an Airbnb Owner Accountable

When you file a lawsuit against an Airbnb owner, you are alleging that the owner failed to live up to their legal duties. Your evidence must prove that the owner did not fulfill their obligations to provide you with a safe rental because of carelessness or neglect.

You and your Airbnb injury lawyer must also prove that you sustained some type of loss or injury because of the owner’s actions. If you succeed in doing so, then you can recover damages.

Main Types of Injuries at Airbnbs

The injuries and losses you might sustain at an Airbnb fall into two large, general categories. In any Airbnb accident, you could suffer both types of losses. No matter which category your injuries fall into, your Airbnb injury lawyer from The Joel Bieber Firm is committed to helping you obtain financial damages to compensate you.

The two broad categories of injuries are as follows:

Physical Injuries to Your Body

Slip and fall incidents are common accidents that can result in serious bodily harm, even for a young, resilient person. You could hit your head during a fall or on a low ceiling and suffer a minor concussion. Other injuries you might sustain include broken bones, bruises, sprains, and strains.

These physical injuries can require medical treatment and in some cases, hospitalization. You may be able to recoup the costs of such treatment through a lawsuit filed with the help of an Airbnb injury lawyer.

Property Damage

You can also sustain damage to the personal property you brought to the Airbnb. Your luggage, clothing, and vehicle can all suffer damage from dangerous conditions at the Airbnb can cost million dollar. 

For example, suppose that the owner failed to repair a damaged pipe. In the middle of the night, the pipe bursts and floods the home. Water from the burst pipe could damage your luggage and belongings, necessitating the replacement of the property. You can Suffer from lost wages pain and suffering.

In this case, too, you may have the right to pursue compensation. A compensation award would give you the financial resources to repair or replace damaged property.

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