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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Richmond, VA

As your parents and loved ones age, you may turn to a nursing home or long-term care facility to help you care for them. Your loved ones deserve to be treated with dignity in a supportive environment. Also, you deserve the peace of mind that the nursing home staff is caring for your loved one with the same love and attention you would provide to them.

Many nursing homes in Richmond and throughout Virginia take their roles as care providers seriously. However, some nursing home staff members do not. Instead, they misuse their positions of power and authority over the residents. Sadly, they may commit acts of physical, sexual, or financial abuse.

You and your family deserve to pursue accountability if your loved one is the victim of abuse at a nursing home. Your Richmond nursing home abuse lawyer is ready to assist you. Your personal injury attorney can help you and your family recover from the harm nursing abuse wreaks on victims.

Description of Nursing Home Abuse

There are many different ways your loved one can be victimized at a nursing home. These ways include the following forms of abuse:

Physical Abuse

A staff member or resident who punches, kicks, chokes, or stomps on your loved one commits physical abuse against them. Additionally, physical abuse can leave your loved one with cuts, bruises, and even broken bones.

Also, it can lead to significant mental suffering and trauma. Similarly, this abuse can shake your loved one’s sense of safety in their environment.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse occurs when a nursing home staff member touches your loved one in a sexual manner. For example, they may grope them or commit an act of sexual violence against them. While intercourse is not necessary for sexual abuse to exist, some brazen staff members may engage in this conduct.

Like physical abuse, sexual abuse can have serious mental and emotional consequences beyond any physical injury.

Financial Abuse and Exploitation

If a staff member takes your loved one’s valuables and money, financial abuse or financial exploitation may exist. This abuse can also happen through deceit or the threat of force.

If your loved one’s mind is frail, they may not even realize they were the victim of this abuse.

How to Tell if Your Loved One Is a Victim of Abuse

No matter the nature of abuse your loved one is suffering, there are signs you can watch for. In fact, someone may be abusing your loved one if you notice:

  • Visible marks, bruises, or injuries on your loved one
  • A sudden change in your loved one’s demeanor, emotional state, or behavior
  • Your loved one reporting that they have been physically or sexually abused
  • Your loved one’s financial resources or possessions disappearing without explanation

Take action right away. Speak with a Richmond nursing home abuse lawyer if you suspect your loved one is being abused. Prompt intervention can limit the harm your loved one suffers and help place them in a more secure environment.

An Experienced Richmond Nursing Home Lawyer’s Assistance Is Critical

Whether another resident or a staff member abused your loved one, the nursing home owes a duty to protect your loved one. As a result, you may be able to seek compensation if the home has not done enough to ensure its facility is safe for all residents.

If your loved one suffered abuse at a nursing home, your family deserves justice. The Joel Bieber Firm’s Richmond nursing home abuse lawyers will fight to hold those responsible accountable.

Contact us to book a free consultation with us today and talk to a personal injury lawyer Richmond for better understanding of your case.

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