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Dog Bite Lawyer Richmond VA

Has a dog bitten and injured you? If so, that dog’s owner or handler potentially owes you compensation. At the Joel Bieber Firm, our dog bite lawyer Richmond VA help victims hold dog owners accountable by recovering vital funds that help relieve the suffering our clients face.

Dog Bite Liability in Virginia

In many states, dog owners are liable for the damage their dogs cause when they attack someone. As a result, the victim does not have to prove that the owner was at fault — only that they suffered a dog bite.

However, Virginia recognizes what’s called the “one-bite rule.” Put simply, this rule requires dog bite victims to prove that:

  • The owner or handler knew or should have known of the dangerous propensities of their dog
  • The owner was negligent in preventing their dog from attacking someone
  • The dog’s attack caused someone to suffer an injury

Therefore, when you hire a Richmond dog bite lawyer, they will seek to prove these elements by investigating the bite incident thoroughly and collecting evidence, such as:

  • Witness testimony
  • Evidence of the dog’s prior aggressive nature
  • Video surveillance footage
  • Police and animal control reports

Finally, your Richmond personal injury lawyer will also gather medical records of your injuries to demonstrate the damage the dog has caused.

Compensation for Dog Bites

In Virginia, you are entitled to various forms of compensation when a dog bites you — economic and non-economic.

Economic damages cover the financial losses that result from dog bites, such as:

  • Medical treatment bills
  • Lost ability to earn income
  • Costs associated with the acquisition of medical equipment and devices

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, compensate for such losses as:

Finally, there is a third type of damages — punitive damages — which may be available if the dog’s owner acted willfully, maliciously, or in wanton disregard for your safety.

Negotiating for Maximum Compensation

If you want maximum compensation, you need a Richmond dog bite lawyer. This is because a reputable lawyer knows how to deal with insurance company adjusters who always want to pay subpar compensation awards. As a result, with a seasoned lawyer representing you, you’ll have a better chance of receiving an offer that truly addresses your losses.

Don’t Wait to Get Legal Help

If someone’s dog has bitten you, contact the Joel Bieber Firm for help. An experienced Richmond dog bite lawyer is ready to review your case at no charge and help you understand your options. Call today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how long your case will take without reviewing the facts of your case. That said, straightforward cases can be resolved in a few months, while more complex claims can take much longer.

Yes — in Virginia, you have a two-year statute of limitations for pursuing legal action based on a dog bite injury. However, you should never wait until the last minute to take action, and you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible after a dog attack.

Yes, it costs you nothing to start your case because most Richmond dog bite lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. As a result, your lawyer will receive a percentage of the compensation you receive from your case. Furthermore, if the attorney recovers no compensation, then you owe them nothing.


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