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Auto Accident Lawyer in Richmond

Not a single day goes by in Richmond where someone does not become involved in a car crash. Some of these wrecks result in property damage only, while serious injuries result from others. But nearly every car accident in Richmond results from one or more persons’ negligent actions.

Often, a wreck occurs because of another’s carelessness behind the wheel. In that case, that person may be held responsible for compensating others who were hurt in the crash.

Obtaining this compensation is not always easy, though, so it is best to use the services of a knowledgeable Richmond auto accident lawyer to help you get the financial damages you require for your losses.

Examples of Negligence Leading to Car Accidents

You may not know what caused your car wreck. However, your Richmond auto accident lawyer can conduct a complete investigation into your wreck. This investigation may reveal that your crash occurred because the other driver:

  • Continued driving while sleepy
  • Had consumed alcohol or drugs prior to driving
  • Violated the law by driving too fast or driving recklessly
  • Was using their cell phone or was otherwise distracted

There may be other causes for the crash. A road that is poorly maintained, poorly lit, or does not have appropriate traffic control devices or signage may subject the municipality to liability for damages. Or there may be another person, such as a careless pedestrian who jaywalks, who set the crash in motion.

Whenever a careless act leads to an injury crash, the person or people who commit the careless act may be subject to a car accident lawsuit.

Damages Available Through a Car Accident Lawsuit

As an injured motorist, you can pursue a compensation claim against any and all parties who played a role in causing the accident. This compensation claim can provide you with monetary damages to address your:

  • Medical bills, hospital stays, and ongoing medical treatment
  • Unearned wages due to missed work
  • Mental turmoil and mental suffering you endured
  • Property damage to your vehicle

Punitive damages may be available in cases where the driver acted especially carelessly or recklessly.

Your Richmond auto accident lawyer from The Joel Bieber Firm will devote their attention to trying to secure the greatest amount of damages for you through a settlement agreement or through trial.

Timeline of a Richmond Auto Accident case

Once your car accident case happens, it can take several weeks to a month or more for the attorneys to review the evidence available and for the parties to have had a chance to talk about the case. If the cause of the crash is clearly the fault of the other party, you may be able to receive compensation within a few months of your crash happening.

Sometimes, the issues are more muddied, and the parties cannot agree on the issues before them. In that case, a resolution — either by settlement or by trial — can take several months or even several years.

Caring, Compassionate Richmond Auto Accident Lawyer

The Joel Bieber Firm is available to take your Richmond auto crash case and lead you toward compensation. We pride ourselves on providing helpful advice designs to assist you in getting compensation quickly. Talk to a Richmond personal injury lawyer and understand about your case.

Call The Joel Bieber Firm and schedule a consultation so we can discuss your case more fully with you.

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