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Water Park Injury Lawyer

When you visit your local water park on a hot summer day, you expect an afternoon of family fun. However, these recreational destinations can also be home to hidden dangers. If you or a loved one suffers a common water park injury such as head trauma, broken bones, or water-related injuries, a day of relaxation can unexpectedly turn tragic. Many water park attractions, including wave pools and water slides, have some element of danger to them. But owners of these parks also have a legal obligation to keep the park and its attractions in reasonably safe conditions for you and others. When they do not, the water park injury lawyers at The Joel Bieber Firm believe the owners need to pay.

An injury accident at a water park cannot be undone. However, this does not mean you cannot get help with any associated medical costs. A successful lawsuit or settlement, achieved with help from a water park injury lawyer, can give you the financial resources you need to address your injuries. Get a free consultation with Joel Bieber law firm to understand your injury case.

Water Parks and Premises Liability Law

Water parks are open to the public, meaning the owners invite and expect members of the public to enter them. As a result, the law expects those owners to make an effort to protect those guests from harm. When they do not take reasonable steps to ensure public safety, you can file a premises liability lawsuit against the park and its owners.

When the park invites guests onto its property, it must make reasonable inspections of its grounds and attractions. The park’s employees are to conduct these inspections at reasonable intervals during business hours, looking for hazards. When employees discover a dangerous situation, they must take reasonable measures to correct the issue. If they cannot, they need to protect guests from being hurt by the hazard.

Holding a business liable under premises liability law is all about what is reasonable. While no water parks can prevent all injuries, neither can they ignore obvious hazards or make no effort to protect their guests. What is reasonable will depend on factors such as:

  • The size of the water park
  • The number of attractions on its premises
  • The number of employees scheduled to work on any given shift
  • The park’s financial resources

Liability will also depend on how noticeable the hazard was and whether the water park could have anticipated it.

Facts are important in a water park injury case. That is why you should partner with an experienced water park injury lawyer to help safeguard your rights after an accident.

Beware of Hasty Settlements

After an injury accident, the park may approach you with a settlement offer. By agreeing to forego any lawsuit, the organization will agree to pay you a specific sum of money. The park’s objective in doing this is to control the amount of money they have to pay you for your injuries.

Once you accept a settlement, you will not be able to obtain more compensation at a later time. If the settlement amount does not go far enough, then you will need to find another way to pay the rest of your bills. To avoid this, you should consider speaking with a water park injury lawyer before accepting any settlement. They will want to make sure your settlement addresses:

  • Past and future anticipated medical expenses
  • Your unearned wages due to missed work
  • Mental suffering and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Other harm and injuries you may have suffered

In addition, while many injury lawsuits do settle, it is crucial for your settlement to fairly reimburse you for your losses. For this reason, it is always advisable to talk with a personal injury attorney before agreeing to a settlement.

What to Do After a Water Park Accident

If you or a loved one is hurt at a water park, do not panic. Get medical help right away if you are profusely bleeding or have suffered a severe injury. Otherwise, make plans to visit your nearest hospital emergency room or your doctor’s office for an evaluation. You do not want internal or undetectable injuries to go long periods without treatment.

While you are still at the park, take the following steps, if possible:

Report Your Injury to the Park’s Management

Ask for a manager or supervisor and make a report of your accident. Put the park on notice of the incident but do not provide too many definitive or inculpatory statements. Do not admit any fault or suggest the accident was your fault. Avoid saying, for example, that “I only bumped my head” or “I should have seen that wet floor sign.”

Take Photographs

If possible, take photographs of the accident scene and the hazards or dangers that caused you to suffer injuries. While more pictures are always better, do not worry if you can only get one or two pictures. Try to photograph any visible injuries, too, as these can change in appearance over time.

Identify Witnesses

Your injury accident may have attracted the attention of others. If there are witnesses who gather around you, it is a good idea to get their contact information. Your water park injury lawyer may want to speak to these witnesses to learn what they observed about your accident. These witnesses may also prove valuable in supporting your claim if your lawsuit ends up in court.

Contact The Joel Bieber Firm for Additional Help

The Joel Bieber Firm’s water park injury lawyers are experienced in assisting personal injury victims with recovering damages. We have the resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your injury accident at the water park. We will help you document your injuries and support your claims for damages. Our team can also guide you through the litigation process and help you reach a settlement if one is available.

Contact The Joel Bieber Firm immediately after you or a loved one has suffered injuries at a water park. We will advise you of the rights you have under the law and help you take advantage of them.


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