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What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

Over the past few decades, motorcycling has grown in popularity significantly across the United States. Around 9 million motorcycles are registered yearly.  Due to their size and lack of protection, a motorcycle accident may completely alter a biker’s life. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation for your motorcycle accident lawsuit if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries


While cars and trucks have multiple safety layers in an accident, like seat belts and airbags, motorcycles leave crash victims much less protected. As a result, the injuries that motorcycle victims suffer are more likely to be severe. Some of the most common injuries that motorcycle accident victims face are described below. 

Traumatic Brain Injury


An accident can cause damage to the brain, especially if a motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet. These head wounds have the potential to be lethal or leave victims permanently disabled, incurring high medical costs.

Road Rash


When a rider is knocked off the bike, their skin may be severely scraped, which can cause infections, scars, disfigurement, and nerve damage.



Motorcycle accident injury victims frequently suffer from broken bones, which may need surgery to be fully repaired.

Spinal Cord Damage


A biker may become paralyzed if their spinal cord is injured. Spinal cord injuries require long-term care due to their life-altering nature.



Tragically, fatalities from motorcycle accidents frequently occur. Thousands die each year, and the number of fatalities has been rising gradually since the 1990s.


Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?


consulting with lawyer
consulting with lawyer

Each state has laws that are relevant to establishing who is at blame in motorcycle, car, and truck accidents. For example, some states require motorcyclists to wear helmets or limit where motorcycles can travel. 

Hiring a knowledgeable attorney will ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the other party’s insurance company or overpowered by the intricacy of the applicable laws.

Investigating and Gathering Information


After a serious accident, many motorcyclists are too injured to gather helpful evidence. Our attorneys can look into the accident and compile important information on your behalf. 

If evidence isn’t gathered shortly after the accident, it becomes much more difficult to come by. While you are recovering from your injuries in the hospital, your attorney will be hard at work piecing together the evidence required for your case.

Evaluating Medical Records


Your injuries from the motorcycle accident are documented in medical records. These documents serve as the foundation of your claim and confirm the expenses you pay for medical care. To obtain all the compensation you are entitled to, an attorney will work hard to prove the entire scope of your injuries.

Choosing a Legal Strategy


A motorcycle accident may include several parties. A skilled personal injury attorney can provide you with information on all of your choices for submitting a claim after conducting a thorough investigation.

Pursuing Compensation 


The overall amount of damages granted to the victim depends on the injuries incurred, who was responsible for the accident, insurance factors, and other considerations. But generally, those who are injured by another driver’s negligence are entitled to compensation for their injuries. 

However, getting compensation is difficult since insurance companies seek to limit or even do away with the amount they must pay. Negotiating will be even more challenging if you do not have enough evidence to support your claims. 

An attorney knowledgeable about the laws governing motorcycle accidents will pursue compensation by gathering evidence, contesting claims made by the defendant’s insurance provider, and offering vigorous legal support throughout the proceedings.

Proving Fault 


Because a motorcycle accident includes a sophisticated web of negligence and responsibility regulations, determining who is at fault may be challenging. 

You should engage a motorcycle accident lawyer if you or a loved one has had a head injury, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, or another kind of bodily injury in a motorcycle accident. The right person or people could be held liable for your injuries with the help of a skilled lawyer.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for Motorcycle Accidents?


motorcycle accident
motorcycle accident

The same traffic regulations that apply to other drivers also apply to motorcyclists. States differ on how drivers are held liable, but most states have adopted “comparative negligence” laws. Under this legal doctrine, many parties, including the wounded motorcyclist, may share blame for a motorcycle accident that results in an injury. 

For instance, if a motorcyclist is injured in a vehicle accident, he or she could be deemed partially accountable if they were driving irresponsibly or not wearing a helmet. But even if a motorcyclist is found to be partially responsible for their injuries, this does not preclude the rider from seeking compensation in most states. 

It is advisable to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney, given the complexity of personal injury and motorcycle accident legislation, to ensure that your rights are not disregarded or exploited throughout your negotiation and trial.

How a Motorcycle Accident Is Different from a Car Accident


Any motor vehicle collision can result in severe injuries, but because there is less protection around the biker, motorcycle collisions frequently result in more severe injuries. 

Motorcyclists do not have a massive vehicle surrounding them like a car’s driver or passenger does. Working with a motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial since incidents involving motorcycles are more likely to result in severe, permanent injuries or even fatalities.

Were You Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? 


Motorcycle accidents can be serious, complex, and overwhelming. Put yourself and your family first by having the right attorney in your corner to fight for you after your motorcycle accident. Call the legal team at The Joel Bieber Firm for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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