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ATV Rollovers - Yamaha Rhino Rollover Accidents

ATV RolloversIf you type Yamaha ATV into your web browser, you probably will see several entries for videos that show the Yamaha Rhino ATV, actually in motion and then rolling over. If you listen to many of the voices, you actually hear that they are expecting the ATV to rollover. Unfortunately, for the unsuspecting, this can be a dangerous ride.

The four wheel Rhino, manufactured by Yamaha Motor Companies has become one of the most popular Utility Terrain Vehicles. However, it may pose serious and life-threatening risks to both its drivers and passengers. Lawsuits across the country are being filed against Yamaha, alleging that the Rhino is prone to rollover accidents, and because of defects in its design, may result in broken or crushed arms, legs, feet and ankles. Rhino injuries can be so severe they have required amputation of affected limbs. Some victims have been caught under the chassis in Rhino rollover accidents and died.

The Rhino is known as a side-by-side because it has two seats that are next to one another. Yamaha recently included an updated on-product-warning label and announced that it would make design changes to the Rhino, which includes adding doors and additional passenger handholds to any 2004-2007 models.

Many “slow speed” turns on the Rhino result in the vehicle rolling over, and due to the vehicle not having any doors, body parts flail outside of the ATV as it rolls over, crushing them – even when the driver and passenger are wearing seat belts. Yamaha Rhino ATV rollover lawsuits allege that it is, “excessively prone to rollover during turns even at low speeds because of inherent flaws in design.” Many of these rollover injuries involve children. The defects, as indicated by experts, is that the design is based on a top heavy vehicle that rolls over, even at low speeds, because of the high center of gravity.


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