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Baltimore Head On Collision Lawyer

A moment of distraction or loss of control behind the wheel can lead to a head-on collision. Modern cars and SUVs have a significant amount of safety features to protect drivers and passengers. However, in the event of a head-on crash, you can still sustain serious injuries.

Head-on crashes in Baltimore do not “just happen.” Often, they are the result of carelessness or inattentiveness. In a state like Maryland, you can hold the inattentive driver responsible for the harm and losses their negligence causes to others.

The Joel Bieber Firm, your Baltimore head on collision lawyers, have experience helping motor vehicle crash injury victims hold negligent drivers accountable for their errors behind the wheel.

Why Head-On Collisions Occur

Crashes between two vehicles heading in opposite directions happen in an instant and may seem like random, unpredictable occurrences. However, these events do not happen without one or both drivers engaging in some careless or reckless act. Common examples of acts that lead to head-on collisions include:

  • Falling asleep at the wheel because one is tired, drunk, or drug-impaired
  • Using a cell phone or reaching down to pick something up off the floorboard
  • Talking and engaging in conversations with passengers instead of looking ahead
  • Driving a vehicle that has defective steering or tires that make it dangerous to operate
  • Speeding or other reckless driving that results in losing control of the vehicle
  • Recklessly going into other lanes of travel to pass slower traffic

You may see a driver approaching you that appears to be heading toward your car, but in many cases, there is not sufficient time for you to avoid a crash.

Injuries Sustained in a Head-On Accident Can Be Severe

One of the greatest risks in any head-on collision is the risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury. When you crash head-on, the rapid deceleration of your car can send your head moving back and forth rapidly. This rapid movement often causes trauma to your brain and is sometimes called “whiplash.”

In violent crashes, this trauma can lead to unconsciousness, memory loss, and nausea and vomiting, among other symptoms.

Broken bones also commonly result from injuries in any motor vehicle crash. The forces involved in a low- or moderate-speed collision can fracture your wrists, arms, lower legs, and ankles. Additionally, high-speed accidents can lead to fractures in your upper legs, upper arms, or hips.

Aside from this harm, other injuries your Baltimore head on collision accident lawyer routinely encounters among injury victims include bruises, lacerations and abrasions, strains and sprains, and back and neck injuries.

All of these injuries require some sort of medical evaluation and care. And some may require significant follow-up treatment to fully heal. This treatment can get expensive, but through a car accident lawsuit, you can recover financial damages that can help you meet the financial burden of this treatment.

Your Baltimore Head-On Collision Lawyer Is Waiting for Your Call

Do not delay in seeking help from the knowledgeable legal team at The Joel Bieber Firm following a head-on crash. You only have a limited amount of time to seek compensation through either a claim or lawsuit. And we can help you get started with either process quickly.

The sooner you contact Baltimore injury lawyer at Joel Bieber Firm, the sooner we can get to work on your case.

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