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Tips on Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

Tips on Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding the right personal injury lawyer for your case is a decision based on both professional expertise and your personal preference. Most cities have a selection of attorneys who can help you with a personal injury case, but not all of them will be the right fit. You will need to find a personal injury lawyer who specializes in cases related to your type of injury so that they have the best chance of defending your case well.

You also need a personal injury lawyer who resonates with you as a person. They will be working closely with you during your recovery, collecting information, and fighting for what you need most from an insurance claim or a settlement from the responsible parties.

It’s important not to limit your choice to the first personal injury attorney you speak to. Take your time to explore the options, do your research, and ultimately find the right personal injury lawyer to take your case. In honor of this highly personal search, we’ve put together a quick guide of tips to help you find a lawyer who is a good fit for your case.

Research Personal Injury Lawyers in Your City
The first step is to explore your options. Search online for personal injury attorneys who operate in your city. You might try a lawyer referral service, a website that specializes in suggestions lawyers based on the areas of practice you need. Or you might simply do a Google search of attorneys in the area who might practice personal injury law.

The goal is to put together a list of potential attorneys and personal injury law firms to further investigate. It’s important to choose local attorneys, as they will be easier to reach and make appointments with during the process of your personal injury case. They will be able to meet your scheduling needs and prioritize your consultations because you are close to home. With a list of local attorneys, you’re ready to narrow down your search to the right lawyer to take your personal injury case.

Check to Ensure They Serve Your Type of Injury Case
The next step is to make sure each lawyer on your list can actually help you. Attorneys tend to have specialized areas of practice. For example, a divorce and family law attorney usually won’t take the same cases as a financial and estate lawyer. The same applies to personal injury. Even a law firm or lawyer that practices personal injury cases may not specialize in your type of injury. Some specialize only in car accident law, others specialize in worker’s compensation cases.

You can often tell if a potential attorney or law firm practices the kind of personal injury law you need by checking out their service page. If personal injury is listed and your type of injury is mentioned on the page, then you are in the right place. However, if you can’t find personal injury or if your type of injury just isn’t mentioned, cross that attorney off your list.

Ask Friends & Family for Recommendations
Another smart way to add and highlight attorneys on your list is to ask others who have some experience. If you have a friend or relative who has been through a personal injury case before, ask who they worked with and if the experience was satisfactory. Use the perspective and understanding of those you know to gain a better idea of which attorneys will be rewarding and effective to work with.

Personal injury cases are unfortunately common which means there’s a good chance that you know someone with a story to tell and tips to share. You may have an older relative who has been through a personal injury case, or a coworker who successfully won a settlement. These recommendations can significantly highlight the true experience of what it’s like to work with a particular attorney.

You don’t have to take the recommendations you get, but make the most of the information. You might have missed a local personal injury lawyer or you might get a glowing testimonial from someone you trust on a lawyer you might have overlooked.

Make a Short-List of Firms and Lawyers You Like
After doing your research and gathering reports, it’s time to make a short-list. A short-list is when you cross out all potential lawyers until the best choice naturally rises to the top. Eliminate lawyers who don’t practice in your needed field, who want high prices relative to market value, and those who do not form a rapport with you.

From there, you should have a much shorter list of candidates to choose from and it will be easier to narrow down your final choice. Use any reasonable criteria to rule out a portion of your originally researched list of personal injury counsel. Eliminate those who are too far away. Take out those who do not list your type of injury in their area of expertise. Remove anyone who gives you a bad feeling or whose testimonials don’t have the results you’re looking for.

Those left behind will be the cream of the crop and your choice of attorney will be far easier with a shorter list to choose from.

Interview Your Shortlist Candidates with a Consultation
Now you are finally ready to start making phone calls and asking for consultations. Spend a little time talking to each attorney who is on your short-list or who was recommended highly during your investigation. It can really help to talk to your personal injury lawyer because they are helping you with such a personal experience. It’s vital to pick a personal injury attorney that you can really open up, to relax, and to share your anxieties.

This means talking to them and testing out the rapport. Call for a consultation or meet in person to talk about your injury and get a feel for who each attorney really is. Determine whether you will enjoy working with them and if you have faith in their ability to defend your case.

Do you get along? Do they understand what you mean? Are they knowledgeable about cases like yours? Do they make you feel like you are in good hands? If the answers are all “Yes”, then you have likely found your future personal injury lawyer.

Select for the Best Rapport, Expertise, and Rates
Finally, it’s time to make an informed selection. During your consultations, you should have been taking mental or physical notes on the selling points of each personal injury attorney. Note the ones you liked talking to best, the ones you felt at-ease with, and the ones who offered useful advice right off the bat. Note the ones that seem to be experienced personal injury lawyers with extensive case histories to reference.

Then, of course, there are the rates. If two attorneys seem equally appealing to take your personal injury case, it’s only natural to choose the option of a slightly lower price. So make your choice of personal injury lawyer based on their injury case expertise, experience with your type of injury case, a good rapport with you, and good rates to take your case.

Here at Bieber Law, we pride ourselves on a diversity of personal injury lawyer experiences. Contact us today to consult on your personal injury case and put us to the test on becoming the best candidate to take your case to the finish line.

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