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Injured In A Snowmobile Accident? Legal Options For Personal Injury

Snowmobile Accident Lawyer
If you have been seriously injured in a snowmobile crash due to the negligence of someone else, our personal injury attorneys at The Joel Bieber Firm can help you obtain compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering and lost wages. Contact our team today. Your first consultation is free.

snowmobile accident in Virginia

Modern snowmobiles are heavy, powerful, and fast. Each year, nearly 200 people die in snowmobile accidents and 14,000 people are injured. Highways, roads, and trails are common scenes of accidents—adults, bystanders, and children can all be victims of crashes.

Recovering Damages for Medical Expenses, Lost Wages, Pain and Suffering


Snowmobile crashes can cause severe injuries to the body and head, including brain, back, neck, and limb damage—and even death. Children are particularly vulnerable to snowmobile crashes.

Common Causes of Snowmobile Accidents

Following are common factors that can lead to tragic snowmobile accidents:

Hazardous Terrains


Collisions with objects on trails are often the cause of injuries. Mounds of ice, covered rocks, or any other type of “bump” can cause the vehicle to suddenly turn or jolt—throwing passengers up into the air. 

Operator Inexperience


Driver inexperience and lack of safety training can lead to crashes. In Virginia it is recommended for all new snowmobilers to take a state-approved safety course before operating a sled.

High Speeds


If you are driving too fast, you risk injury to yourself and others, including passengers on your sled, innocent bystanders, and people driving other sleds. Furthermore, high speeds increase the likelihood of rolling the sled should it collide with obstacles.

Alcohol and Drugs


When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, both decision-making and reaction time are dramatically impaired. Snowmobile drivers who are drunk or under the influence of drugs are a danger to themselves and to others.

Driving at Night


Visibility is limited when driving a snowmobile at night. Collisions with fixed objects and people are more likely in these conditions, as well as losing sight of marked trials.  

Manufacturer Defects


Sometimes a defect in the snowmobile you were driving caused your injuries. Manufacturers are responsible for making sure their vehicles operate properly and safely.

Contact The Snowmobile Accident Lawyers At The Joel Bieber Firm


If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a snowmobile accident, your rights are at stake and you should seek immediate legal advice. The personal injury attorneys at The Joel Bieber Firm will help you pursue compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured. Contact our team today. Your first consultation is free.