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Brain Injury Lawyer Greenville SC

You cannot function without your brain. When an accident causes an injury to your brain, your ability to function and live independently is at risk. Head injuries that occur in sports accidents, car wrecks, or workplace mishaps can leave victims with physical, behavioral, and cognitive limitations. Seek help with your case from a brain injury lawyer Greenville SC

Recovering from a brain injury may take considerable financial resources. When another careless person’s actions cause a brain injury to you or a loved one, you may receive monetary damages from the at-fault party through a settlement or trial verdict.

A compensation award can help you pay for necessary medical treatment and therapy, recoup wages you could not earn due to your injury, and pay you back for your emotional and mental turmoil.

How Brain Injuries Happen in Greenville

Approximately 2.5 million individuals suffer some sort of traumatic brain injury every year, according to the Brain Trauma Foundation. Thousands of people die from these brain injuries, and thousands more individuals experience permanent disabilities. Many of these injuries occur due to preventable accidents.

Falls are the most common way you might suffer a brain injury. They account for about one-fourth of all traumatic brain injuries. A work-related fall from a ladder, scaffolding, or roof can lead to a severe or fatal brain injury. But even a slip and fall at the store or a trip in a parking lot can result in a painful and possibly serious brain injury.

Motor vehicle accidents are also capable of causing trauma to your brain. When you are in a wreck with another car, your head may snap forward and backward rapidly. This whiplash motion can harm your brain. Even if you do not have any immediate signs of a concussion or another brain condition, symptoms of brain injury develop over time.

Sports like soccer and football are also leading causes of brain injury, especially in children. Some sports require the player to use their head on purpose. Other athletes accept the risk of an accidental head impact during play. Although these concussions and injuries may be mild, even small brain traumas can cause trouble and difficulties later in life.

The careless actions of others are the reason for many of the brain injuries that happen through these and other means. A careless or reckless person who causes a brain injury in another person can and should pay for the harm that results from their actions.

Your brain injury lawyer Greenville SC, can help you understand how your injury happened. More importantly, they can help you seek financial compensation for your losses. If you suspect your brain injury happened because of someone else’s actions, talk to a skilled Greenville brain trauma attorney today.

Compensation Available After a Brain Injury Accident

It is likely that the costs of your brain injury treatment add up quickly. After your first hospital stay, you may need many visits to doctors and specialists who diagnose and treat brain injuries like yours. You will require occupational therapists and other rehabilitation specialists if you experience cognitive or physical limitations after your injury.

Your employment status and job success can also suffer when you have lasting symptoms of a brain injury. Furthermore, recovering from a brain injury can require you to be absent from work for long periods. The pay you do not earn while away from your job is another loss.

Additionally, a mental or physical limitation that persists after you recover from acute symptoms may stop you from returning to your old job and pay. A court can order the person who caused your brain injury to pay you for these losses as well.

Pain, anguish, and mental suffering are common features of many serious brain injury accidents. These emotions and experiences can stop you from fully enjoying life as you once did. While monetary damages cannot undo a brain injury, they can compensate you for these intangible losses.

Trust your knowledgeable brain injury lawyer Greenville SC, to understand your situation and needs after your accident. Your attorney can help advise you as to what compensation is reasonable and recoverable in a lawsuit or through a settlement. 

Your attorney with The Joel Bieber Firm will work tirelessly to help you get the full amount of compensation you need to be made whole.

File Your Brain Injury Lawsuit Quickly After an Accident

South Carolina law gives you only three years from the date of your brain injury to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. Waiting too long can make it difficult, if not impossible, to get the damages you deserve.

For this reason, speak to a brain injury lawyer Greenville SC, after your injury occurs. Your personal injury attorney can protect and advance your legal interest while you continue with your recovery. 

Your lawyer can negotiate a settlement or present your case in court. Even if your injuries stop you from going to every negotiation session or court hearing, your attorney will handle these events for you.

Speak with a Brain Injury Lawyer Greenville SC, Today

Our team of committed attorneys provides exceptional and dedicated legal representation to victims of brain injury accidents. When you meet with our attorneys, we will take the time necessary to understand your accident and who caused it. Our attorneys will help you understand your options. They will explain how a settlement or lawsuit can provide you with the financial resources you need for your recovery.

Call The Joel Bieber Firm today and request a free, no-obligation consultation with knowledgeable brain injury lawyer Greenville SC, today. We are ready and eager to help you along your road to financial and legal recovery.

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