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Head trauma is a common injury in many types of accidents, from a sports tackle to a car collision. Brain injuries caused by head trauma or oxygen deprivation to the brain can range from mild concussions to catastrophic, life-changing brain damage.

Recovery from a brain injury isn’t always certain, and sometimes, victims suffer permanent personality changes, compromised cognitive abilities, or become unable to live and care for themselves independently.

If you or a loved one experienced a brain injury after a preventable accident, you may have grounds to file a personal injury suit against the party that caused your accident. The Joel Bieber Firm has a long track record of helping injury victims and their families secure the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries. 

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What Are Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries, referred to medically as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), involve any type of injury or damage to the brain tissue. This can include penetrative damage, such as if an object pierces the skull and reaches the brain, which occurs commonly in car accidents.

Concussive damage, where a violent blow to the head causes the brain to collide with the interior of the skull, or hypoxia, in which the brain is deprived of oxygen for too long, can also cause a TBI.

Concussions are the most common form of brain injuries, ranging from mild to severe and resulting in brain swelling, bleeding, and bruising. The trauma to your brain, whether it’s your head hitting the concrete in a slip and fall or the interior of your vehicle in a car crash, can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Sometimes, the initial symptoms of a TBI or concussion, like dizziness, confusion, or a headache, may be mistakenly attributed to just feeling upset or shaken up after the crash. 

Other signs of a brain injury are more apparent, like milky or clear fluid leaking from the nose or ears or loss of consciousness. It is important to seek medical treatment immediately in either case. Emergency medical professionals know what symptoms to look for and how to treat brain trauma.

The scans and medical records from your post-accident treatment and the doctor’s evaluations of the extent of brain damage and recovery potential are critical elements for your brain injury claim. Your Charlotte brain injury lawyer will use your medical records to build your case.

The Impact of a Brain Injury

The victims of a traumatic brain injury can suffer greatly and may even need care in a nursing home or memory care facility. If the victim is able to tend to their personal care after the accident, their personality or cognitive ability may still be permanently changed. 

Depending on the area of the brain that was damaged, they may have difficulty controlling impulsive behavior or anger or may require extensive occupational or speech therapy to regain their abilities.

Recovery from a brain injury can take months, and the outcome is uncertain. Additionally, this type of injury can see progress, only for a setback to follow. It can be frustrating for both the victim and the family members, especially if they have been thrust into a caregiver role.

If the victim is unable to work due to their injury, then the family’s finances can take a hit, too. Those losses, in addition to the cost of treatment for the TBI and any in-home caregiver services, can add up quickly. Ensuring that the party that caused the injury pays for the extent of the harm is the job of your Charlotte brain injury lawyer.

How Do Brain Injuries Happen?

Any type of head injury can injure the brain, but some types of accidents have a higher rate of brain injuries than others. For example, a car collision often causes a concussion for drivers or passengers, even if the airbags deploy. 

Sports injuries, especially those from contact sports or ones where the athlete could fall onto a hard surface, like gymnastics or skating, can also lead to a concussion. Certain kinds of jobs, especially construction and industrial, also carry a higher risk of concussion.

In addition, if you’re exposed to toxic chemicals or you almost drown, the lack of oxygen to the brain also causes brain damage. 

No matter the circumstances of your brain injury accident, the legal team at The Joel Bieber Firm can find the party or parties responsible for the injury to hold them accountable for your suffering. We have the experience needed to find where the negligence lies and the tenacity to fight for justice all the way to a court of law.

Your Charlotte Brain Injury Lawyer Advocates for You

You and your family may have been approached by an insurance adjustor from the at-fault party’s insurance company, offering a settlement or asking for additional information about the accident. 

Do not talk to the insurance company, or their lawyers, without consulting with a seasoned personal injury attorney first. The insurance company is not on your side and seeks to minimize your claim or deny it outright. Any settlement they offer is going to be as little as possible and may not even cover the cost of your initial treatment.

Your lawyer can negotiate with the other party and build an evidence-based case in your favor. They understand the tactics the insurance company will use and can work to negate them. 

Finally, your personal injury lawyer can accurately value your case, determining exactly how much of a settlement you should be entitled to, and can fight in mediation and at trial to get you the best possible outcome of your case.

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