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How Much Can You Get From a Car Accident Physical Therapy Settlement?

Car Accident

What happens after a car accident? With any luck, the insurance company pays you compensation without any hassle. But even if the insurance company pays your medical bills and lost wages, you may deserve more money. Receiving treatment for an injury is only the start of a full recovery. You may also need physical therapy to fully recover from your injuries. And physical therapy isn’t cheap. Will the insurance company offer a car accident physical therapy settlement? And if so, how much can you get for such a settlement?


When Can You Get a Car Accident Physical Therapy Settlement?


Car Accident- Physical Therapy Settlement

Typically, you can get a settlement for therapy if your doctor recommends it. But just because your doctor recommends therapy, that doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles to getting money.

Quick Insurance Offers


One of the most effective ways that insurance companies deny therapy compensation is by offering you money quickly. Some insurance companies will offer a settlement that seems to cover all your medical bills. But this offer comes before your doctor determines you need physical therapy.

By accepting the offer, you usually prevent yourself from getting additional money. To avoid this trap, you should ask your doctor about therapy early in the treatment process. And don’t agree to anything until your doctor has made a therapy diagnosis.

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Dispute Over Whether Therapy Is Necessary


The insurance company might also dispute whether you need therapy. If it can claim that your injuries don’t require physical therapy, it won’t offer a car accident physical therapy settlement.

You should let your personal injury attorney handle this type of dispute. They will collect medical evidence and expert opinions to prove you need therapy.

Pre-Existing Injuries


Finally, you may have a fight on your hands if you have a pre-existing injury. For example, if you injured your knee playing soccer in college, the insurance company may claim that is the real reason you need therapy.

This can be challenging to fight, even for experienced lawyers. Your car accident lawyer needs to show that you wouldn’t have needed the therapy if not for the accident. That requires a good knowledge of medical care and these types of injuries.

Will the Insurance Company Pay for All of Your Therapy?


An insurance company might pay for all of your therapy. But that depends on several factors.

Usually, the biggest factor is how much therapy you need. If you need a year or less of therapy, you can probably get that much money regardless of any other circumstances. But what happens if you need more?

If your insurance is covering your therapy, you will face policy limits. Some policies offer unlimited coverage. But those policies usually have expensive premiums and few people are willing to pay that much for insurance.

You will typically be able to get more compensation if another party is responsible for the accident. And in some states, there is no limit on how much money you can get.

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Never Skip Therapy Sessions


Even if you are fighting an insurance company for compensation, never skip sessions. The insurance company may claim that your need is fake if you skip a session. Get all the therapy your doctor recommends and worry about getting compensation later.

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