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Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

A hit and run accident can be doubly traumatizing to you and your loved ones. After all, the initial trauma of a careless driver hitting you and potentially causing injuries is a deeply upsetting experience. But then watching the person who hit you drive away from the scene can be a huge secondary shock. You might feel anger and confusion, especially if you have suffered injuries. How are you supposed to get compensation if you are seriously hurt, especially if you cannot identify who hit you? Book your free consultation with Joel Bieber law firm

Hit and run accidents can leave you with many of the same injuries as any other car accident. You are at a disadvantage, though, because you may not know who caused the crash. And without this crucial information, you may have to pay for the costs of your injuries yourself.

The Joel Bieber Firm and our hit and run accident lawyers understand the complexities of these accidents. We will use our experience to help you get justice and the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today for help with your hit-and-run accident case.

What to Do Following a Hit and Run Crash

It is impossible to anticipate a car crash, let alone one in which the person responsible leaves the scene. When one happens, you must take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself and your legal rights. These steps include:

Call for Emergency Assistance

First, if you are seriously hurt or think you might be, call 911 and ask for an ambulance to respond to your location. If you have hurt your head or back, or if you have internal injuries, getting prompt medical care is essential to protecting your health. In a crash where you suffer severe injuries, getting immediate treatment may even save your life.

Even if you are not seriously hurt, though, you should still call law enforcement. Ask for a police officer to respond to the scene and take a report. Doing so fulfills your duty to report an accident resulting in injury or property damage. Asking police to come to the scene can also help you preserve critical evidence for later use by your hit and run accident lawyer.

Get Medical Care and Follow Doctor’s Orders

If you do not call for an ambulance, you should still seek treatment from a local emergency room or your doctor. Even if you feel fine following an accident, this step is critical. A car accident can leave you with serious injuries that are not readily apparent and do not immediately show symptoms. A thorough medical exam can aid in detecting such conditions so doctors can treat them as soon as possible.

Following your doctor’s orders is as crucial to your long-term health as getting an evaluation in the first place. Always make sure you follow your doctor’s directions and attend any follow-up appointments your doctor may request.

Record All the Details You Can Remember

If law enforcement comes to the scene of your crash, give them as many details as you can recall. Try to recall any information about the vehicle that struck you, such as color, make, model, and any distinguishing features. Also, make sure you note where the vehicle hit yours. Give the police as complete of a description of the driver as you can. Any detail can help the officers and your hit and run accident lawyer locate the responsible party.

If there is not an officer on the scene with you, write down these details or record them as soon as you can. Report these details in a crash report if you must file one by law.

Get Information from Witnesses

Drivers that stop to assist you after your wreck may have witnessed the crash and be able to supply additional details. They may have seen the vehicle or the driver and be able to supplement your descriptions. As much as possible, get the names and contact information of these witnesses. Your hit and run accident lawyer may need to contact them later.

Compensation in a Hit-and-Run Accident Case

Initially, you may need to file a claim with your own insurer to help you pay for your bills and other losses. While filing a claim against your own policy can provide you with compensation, your insurer may increase your rates as a result. Your hit and run accident lawyer can advise you on the consequences of this decision so you can make an informed decision.

The Statute of Limitations in Hit-and-Run Accident Lawsuits

Once you are able to locate the person who hit your vehicle and fled the scene, you can bring a lawsuit against this person and seek damages. These damages can include compensation for your:

  • Medical expenses, hospital bills, and physical therapy
  • Mental health services or counseling
  • Damage to your car
  • Lost wages and decreases in future earnings
  • Mental pain, anguish, and suffering from your injuries

Every state has a statute of limitations that applies to car accident cases. This statute tells you how long you have to file a claim for compensation. Once that time period expires, you generally cannot file a suit or pursue a claim through the courts. Whatever the time period may be, it will usually start from the date of your accident.

However, in a hit-and-run case where you do not know who hit you, the law may pause this statute of limitations and keep it from running until you find the responsible party. If applicable in your case, this can give you additional time to file a lawsuit.

When to Call for a Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

Once your hit-and-run accident happens, contact The Joel Bieber Firm as quickly as possible. Our team of seasoned personal injury lawyers will want to meet with you while the accident is fresh in your mind to get as clear of details as possible. We will then work diligently to locate the person who hit you and hold that person accountable for damages.

With considerable experience in representing people hurt in a car accident, The Joel Bieber Firm is ready to help you as you recover from your accident.


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