A law recently signed by Gov. Mary Fallin will unintentionally make dramatic changes in the payment of attorney fees in civil lawsuits.

House Bill 1470 increases the age to 45 from 20 for victims of child sexual abuse to bring a civil case.

But Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, amended the original bill to make the loser pay all legal fees in civil cases, a dramatic shift from how those cases are currently handled”.

Here’s why this makes me smile. For years, Big Business has been threatening to fight for loser pays laws. Whenever someone brings a lawsuit and loses, they would also have to pay the attorney fees for the winning side. That was supposed to stop the “frivolous lawsuits” from being filed.

I have always been a supporter of Loser Pays laws. In my world, it’s the insurance companies who have frivolous defenses. And now, losers paying is a reality in Oklahoma. The state where I went to law school. A reality by legislative mistake.

If you fully read the article, you will see that Big Business is scrambling to get the laws changed again. The last thing they really wanted was to pass “Loser Pays” laws. They would rather make it a talking point instead of reality. It’s Biblical to watch David defeat Goliath. And that’s what has them scrambling in Oklahoma.

And for pic o’ day… Are these the legislators in Oklahoma?


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