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Individuals who have been involved in a Virginia Beach, VA, personal injury auto accident may choose to file a lawsuit against other drivers involved to protect themselves and their family.  The resulting medical expenses and potential loss of wages will need to be covered.  These are not costs to be taken out of pocket!  The Joel Bieber Firm and our experienced Virginia Beach best personal injury lawyer team will help you to prove fault through negligence of the other party involved. Further facts about Virginia Beach can be found here.

Knowledge of Virginia Traffic Laws

We have experience handling auto accidents in Virginia Beach from A to Z and can apply Virginia traffic laws where applicable to ensure our clients receive the payouts they deserve. Discover facts about Expert Personal Injury Attorney in Virginia Beach.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

We are the Virginia Beach best personal injury lawyer team that handles cases for those dealing with a Virginia Beach auto accident personal injury for any reason or circumstance to include:


Distracted driving

Cell phone usage

Driving under the influence

Ignorance of Virginia traffic laws

Poor vehicle maintenance

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Call The Joel Bieber Firm today and let us help you recover from you Virginia Beach personal injury auto accident.  Come see we are voted “Virginia Beach best personal injury lawyer”.

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