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THE JOEL BIEBER FIRM is home to a team of some of the most talented attorneys in Virginia. We are always dedicated to ensuring justice is served, and that can be seen from the cases we represent. We are always fighting for the rights of our clients. Apart from being car accident attorneys in Virginia Beach, we also cover the following areas. Visit this link for more information.

Workers Compensation

If you get injured while on duty, it is your right to get compensation to cover the medical bills and also any lost wages due to inability to carry out your duties effectively. In the event you are denied that, our lawyers will not rest until justice is served. Read about Questions to Ask When Interviewing A Lawyer here.

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To get a car accident attorney in Virginia Beach or for any of the areas mentioned above, contact THE JOEL BIEBER FIRM today on (757) 800-8000.

Virginia beach car accident lawyer 

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