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Roles of Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been asking yourself about an attorney’s specific roles on matters personal injury claims, Th Joel Bieber Firm has your answers. If you are having a personal injury claim and seek our services, below are some things we shall do for you. Further facts about Virginia Beach, VA can be found here.


One of the most important jobs we do when it comes to compensation claims is proving fault. And we only do this by pursuing a rigorous investigation in different scopes and ways. This may involve talking to witnesses, reviewing video footage from relevant sources, and many more. Information about What Your Personal Injury Attorney Owes You can be found here.


We are the experts you can trust to talk to the insurance company on your behalf. We usually opt for this method to avoid all the court’s long processes by negotiating with the at-fault party representatives. Since we also have good relations with most insurance companies, we can always ensure your case goes smoothly.


While in most cases, we try solving most compensation claims outside of the court, some scenarios can be too complicated, requiring the jury’s assistance. In such an event, lawyers are the ones who will handle all the paperwork and litigation process while you take your time to heal and do other things.


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