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Did you know that more than 161,000 workplace accidents or injuries were reported in Pennsylvania in 2021, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry?

This is almost 14,000 more than the prior year, and it’s a number that could be particularly worrisome to workers in risky industries like mining, transportation, construction, and manufacturing. However, a workplace accident can happen anywhere, and many of these injuries could impact your ability to continue in your line of work.

Fortunately, for many Philadelphia workers, their employer provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage, which covers medical treatment for injuries the employee received on the job.

Our Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyer Protect Your Rights Against a Big Employer

The worker’s compensation claim process can be complicated, and sometimes, the amount you receive for your employer’s insurance isn’t enough to fully compensate you for the injury.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you have legal options. The Joel Bieber Firm can help. We are an experienced legal team familiar with the ins and outs of Pennsylvania worker’s comp laws.

A workplace injury can be a devastating financial blow for you and your family, especially if you are the primary wage earner. Contact a Philadelphia workers compensation lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Regulations

The statutes regarding workers’ comp can be confusing, which is why it can benefit you to consult with a Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer. Not all businesses or companies must carry workers’ comp coverage, for example.

Very small businesses of five employees or less may not be required to carry workers’ compensation coverage. Railroad or railway express companies may also not be required to have workers comp benefits.

If you aren’t sure if your employer has worker’s compensation, speak with a Philadelphia workers compensation lawyer.

How Does Workers Compensation Work in Philadelphia?

If you’ve been hurt on the job, don’t try to “tough it out” or work through the pain. You are legally entitled to seek medical attention and have it covered by your employer. However, to get this coverage, you’ll have to follow the proper protocol for the claim.

Report the injury to your supervisor or manager right away. They will fill out the report of what happened. Make sure to ask for your own copy of this report because your Philadelphia workers compensation lawyer will likely ask for it as well.

Then, your employer will tell you where to go for treatment — employers have a contracted workers’ compensation clinic or urgent care, and if you seek treatment at another location, your employer may not cover the treatment.

Make sure to tell the physician examining you the full extent of your injuries and what caused them. The doctor should have as much information as possible so that they can thoroughly check you for injuries you may not have noticed you received.

In an emergency, always tend to your health first. You can file your incident report once your injuries have been treated, but make sure to file it soon because there is a time limit for filing the report. You may not receive coverage from your employer if you miss that deadline.

After you file the claim with your employer, they will file it with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This is the agency you’ll file an appeal with if your employer denies your worker’s comp claim or if their insurance company tries to reduce your claim.

What Happens After Filing Your Claim

Expect to receive a call from your employer’s insurance company soon after the incident. It’s best not to speak to them, as they are on the company’s side, not yours, and are often trying to pay as little as possible for employee claims.

You should have your Philadelphia workers compensation lawyer talk to the insurance company on your behalf. Your lawyer is on your side and can protect you from unwittingly giving information to the insurance company that could cause them to deny your claim.

Once the insurance company looks into the incident, they may:

  • Pay the claim in full
  • Reduce the amount of your claim
  • Deny the claim outright

You have the right to appeal to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers Compensation if the claim isn’t paid in full. And you also have the right to file a lawsuit for damages against the employer.

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers Compensation will listen to evidence from both parties and make a legally binding ruling about your benefits. Your lawyer can help you petition the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers Compensation, or they can file a suit in civil court on your behalf.

Sometimes, filing a lawsuit may be a better option. If your worker’s comp attorney finds that your employer engaged in egregiously negligent or reckless behavior, they may decide to sue the company in civil court for punitive damages.

Punitive damages are a form of financial punishment for wrongdoing. They may be assessed against employers who don’t follow OSHA safety regulations for their industry or who fail to ensure that the job site is safe for workers.

Or, if your employer failed to conduct regular safety inspections of the premises or didn’t maintain the equipment you used, rendering it unsafe, they may be liable for punitive damages.

If You’ve Been Hurt on the Job, a Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

The Joel Bieber Firm is an experienced legal team dedicated to helping workers who have been hurt on the job. We have detailed knowledge of Pennsylvania worker’s compensation laws and fight for victims of unscrupulous or negligent employers.

Your lawyer will deal with the employer’s insurance company on your behalf and ensure that all papers and motions for your case are filed in a timely manner. As skilled negotiators, we seek the highest compensation in your workplace injury case.

Contact our Philadelphia workers compensation lawyers today for a free consultation about your case.

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