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Government Division

At The Joel Bieber Firm, we specialize in navigating the complex intersection of law and government. Our Government Division is chaired by two Virginia State Senators.

The Honorable Ryan McDougle (R-26) is an attorney and also the Minority Leader of the Virginia Senate.(Bio)  The Honorable Lamont Bagby (D-74th) is a Virginia State Senator who currently serves as the Chair of the bicameral Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.  He is a former member of the Henrico County School board. Together, they head our Government Division. The law firm’s intent is to provide advice, legal expertise, lay experience, and advocacy solutions. 

Government Division Services Offered

Bipartisan Assistance

The Joel Bieber Firm assists Attorney General Offices in multiple states from both sides of the aisle. We work to help states in their reimbursement and recovery of benefits that have been paid by states because of fraud or misconduct by various defendants.

Our team engages directly with law firms, government leaders and organizations such as the Republican Attorney General Association (RAGA) and the Democrat Attorney General Association (DAGA) to anticipate upcoming claims and lawsuits and to advocate for favorable outcomes for these states.

Administrative and Judicial Proceedings

We proudly represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings. When disputes arise, our team represents clients in administrative hearings or litigation related to private lawsuits. Such actions may include representing states for their overpayment relating to products such as EpiPen or insulin. Overbilling of medical benefits from various states gives rise to damages that may be resolved in settlement or may require lawsuits to be brought against manufacturers of various drugs or accountability of Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven Success: We bring experience for these projects as well as a background of working with multiple groups. We have secured favorable results and navigated complex governmental claims.
  • Bipartisan Approach: Our Government team brings diverse political and professional backgrounds allowing us to have contacts to reach out to in resolving these claims.
  • Personalized Service: We are committed to offering responsive and personalized service.

To learn more about the Government Division at The Joel Bieber Firm, please contact us  Let us show you how we can work together toward successful resolutions.