Cottrell Farms

Cottrell Farms is a neighborhood in Richmond Virginia. It’s a popular place for people to live and work and the neighborhood is safe and friendly. As part of Richmond, VA, there’s always something to see and do in Cottrell Farms. Here’s what you need to know about this great neighborhood. Learn information about Richmond, VA.



Most of the children who live on Cottrell Farms attend school at either Falling Creek Elementary School, Falling Creek Middle School, or Richmond Community High School. Some students do enroll in online schools and other travel to schools for open enrollment in other neighborhoods. Discover facts about South Richmond.



There are many attractions near Cottrell Farms that the people who live here like to visit regularly. Some of those attractions include the Science Museum Of Virginia and the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Since the neighborhood is part of Richmond, residents have access to many of the cities attractions, restaurants, and shops too. 


If you are visiting Virginia and you want to know more about the Cottrell Farms, be sure to stop by this nice little neighborhood. You can learn more about the people who live there and all the neighborhood amenities. It’s a nice place to live, work and play at any time of year.

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