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Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer, NC

Car accidents continue to occur regularly in the U.S. because of how many motorists drive. If every motorist operated their vehicle safely and responsibly, there would be a substantial reduction in car accidents. But they don’t. And the victims of the accidents they cause often face significant losses. If you’ve been injured in a car accident by a negligent driver, you can seek compensation with the aid of a skilled Charlotte car accident lawyer, NC. 

The Joel Bieber Firm has helped thousands of injury victims access the compensation they need to recover from their injuries and move forward with their lives. We understand the devastation that car accidents can cause, and we work hard to bring relief to our clients.

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Getting Justice After a Car Accident

Ideally, the justice you receive for your car accident should match up with the losses you’ve sustained. In other words, the law considers the consequences of the accident when determining your compensation.

For example, the consequences of traumatic brain injury are almost always more serious than those for a broken arm. Hence, the compensation for this type of injury will be higher. 

Common, severe injuries resulting from car accidents include:

  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Fractured, broken, or crushed bones
  • Burns and abrasions
  • Disfigurement and amputation
  • Death

Car accident victims can also suffer emotional trauma due to the pain of their injuries.

Determining Compensation

Your car accident lawyer will gather evidence of your losses to support your compensation claim. Medical bills, evidence of missed work, and treatment records for pain and suffering and emotional trauma can all be used to prove your various financial and emotional losses.

Proving Liability

Your car accident lawyer will also have to prove liability, which will require strong evidence in its own right. In most car accident cases, negligence tends to manifest in one of several fashions, including:

  • Failure to yield, stop, or signal
  • Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while engaged in distracting activities
  • Excessive speeding and aggressive driving
  • Road rage
  • Operating an unsafe vehicle

In some cases, more than one driver may be liable. Employers of negligent drivers can also be held liable for accidents under certain circumstances.

Timing Considerations for Car Accident Claims

There are important timing considerations to keep in mind after a car accident, such as the statute of limitations for personal injury claims. In North Carolina, you have three years in most cases to file your claim or a lawsuit. After that time, your claim is likely void. 

However, exceptions may apply if your accident occurred more than three years ago. Schedule a free consultation with a car crash lawyer in Charlotte, NC, from The Joel Bieber Firm to determine whether your claim is valid and learn what to do next. 

Another important time consideration relates to evidence. The passage of time tends to have a deleterious effect on the quality and availability of the evidence you need to prove your claim.

How a Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer, NC, Can Help

A car accident attorney from The Joel Bieber Firm can be a key asset for your compensation claim.

While you take the time to recover from your injuries and address the losses you’ve experienced, your attorney will take care of every facet of your case, from drafting and filing the appropriate documents to investigating the accident and gathering evidence.

Car accident victims typically find that focusing their efforts on getting better without worrying about legal issues leads to faster and more complete healing. We’ve taken the load off many victims’ shoulders and faithfully looked after their legal affairs while they were on the mend.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and need financial compensation to stay afloat, you can trust us to do what we can to get you the money you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can afford to work with a car crash lawyer in Charlotte, NC, from The Joel Bieber Firm.

When we take your case, you’re not required to pay a penny until we secure a successful settlement offer or verdict. Your attorney’s fees will ultimately be deducted from your final reward, which means if we recover zero dollars, you pay zero dollars.

It depends on the complexity of your case. Assuming there aren’t many complexities or unforeseen issues, your case could settle in as little as a couple of months.

However, more difficult cases may require a year or longer to resolve. Regardless of your situation, you can count on the Joel Bieber Firm to work hard to get you the funds you need in a timely manner.

If you’re looking to get as much compensation as possible for your losses, you’ll need to contract the services of a car crash lawyer in Raleigh, NC. Having an attorney on your side puts you on equal footing with the defendant’s insurer and attorneys and improves your chances of getting the settlement you deserve.

You shouldn’t entertain any settlement offers from an insurance company until you’ve spoken with an experienced car crash lawyer in Raleigh, NC. You need a professional who’s acting in your best interests to provide a fair appraisal of your claim. Insurance companies routinely try to pay claimants less.