Popular Kid’s Playgrounds Near Kempsville

 Good Way to Keep the Kids Engaged

Kids can be very adorable, but when stuck inside for a long time, they tend to be a nuisance, and a good way of getting them to calm down could be taking them out to play. There are many playgrounds around the Kempsville area, but not all of them are that ideal for the kids in terms of amenities and safety. However, there are a few hidden gems that you could try out. Discover more about Virginia Beach, VA here.


Mount Trashmore Park

Just a four-minute drive away from Kempsville on Edwin Drive, Mount Trashmore Park was once a landfill of trash that was repurposed to provide locals with a public park. Despite the name, it is a lovely place, and the fact that it is raised above ground level makes it even better. There is a play area for the kids and a few trails where you can take a leisure stroll as you soak in the atmosphere. Discover facts about Popular Eateries in Timberlake You Should Check out.


Grommet Island Park

It may be a fifteen-minute drive from Kempsville, but it is worth it. Grommet Island Park is a Fully accessible beach park that features a playground for the kids, raised sand tables, a sensory board, and so much more. There is also a designated area where parents can sit and relax.