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Not many people fancy a typical museum tour. They can be boring, and sometimes you do not get to learn anything new that you couldn’t have learned through the internet. This is why most people would rather tour a speciality museum. They are far much more exciting and give you a unique experience to learn about a particular topic that you would otherwise not have known. Here are some of the most popular speciality museums in Point Pleasant. Find further facts here.


Point Pleasant River Museum

The locals highly treasure this site. It has a lot of neat history and artifacts about life on the river as well as Point Pleasant itself. People come from other states just to tour the museum. It can be an exciting learning experience, especially for people who enjoy random new information about the past. Another attraction to the Point Pleasant River Museums the virtual reality boat driving tour. Guests always love it. Read about North Central Virginia Beach Is for Adrenaline Seekers here.


US Navy Poster Museum

While you are in Point Pleasant, be sure to visit the US Navy Poster Museum. This museum houses a collection of Hundreds of US Navy Recruiting posters dating back to over a century. This museum is the only one of its kind in the world, and that makes it pretty unique.

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