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Baltimore Product Liability Lawyer, MD

When you use any product, from a car to a kitchen gadget, you expect it to work as it should. However, products can be defective or malfunction from one moment to the next, resulting in injury. If you suffer harm after using a defective or malfunctioning product, contact The Joel Bieber Firm for legal help from Baltimore product liability lawyer.

Understanding Product Liability

Product liability law comes into play when a defective or malfunctioning product causes you harm. If a product results in injuries and losses, you may have a valid legal claim against the responsible parties, including manufacturers and distributors.

When it comes to product liability, three main types of defects could give rise to liability:

  • Design defects: When the product is not properly designed, it could make the product inherently unsafe for use
  • Manufacturing defects: Manufacturing defects arise during the production or assembly of the product
  • Failure to warn: Insufficient instruction or warning labels could easily result in harm to unknowing consumers

While just about any product can be defective or malfunction, some of the most common kinds of product liability cases include the following products:

  • Car parts
  • Medications
  • Medical devices
  • Children’s toys
  • Beauty products
  • Tools and equipment

If you’ve suffered harm after using a product, discuss your situation with a Baltimore product liability lawyer as soon as possible.

Liability for Defective Products

Product liability cases fall under the umbrella of personal injury law. Some personal injury cases rest on intentional action. However, most of them stem from negligence. In negligence cases, you must prove the connection between the liable party’s act or omission and your injuries.

Depending on the details of your product liability case, you may need to prove the at-fault party was negligent or that there was a breach of warranty. However, in many product liability cases, you can base your case on a theory of strict liability.

Strict liability does not require proving the party’s fault. Instead, the parties are held strictly liable for your injuries. For strict liability cases, you’ll need to show the following:

  • You used the product as intended
  • The product was defective
  • The defect caused you harm

Establishing strict liability may not be as involved as proving negligence, but it still requires knowledge and skill. Your product liability lawyer can determine what is needed to prove the party’s liability and work toward establishing fault.

How a Baltimore Product Liability Lawyer Can Help You

Product liability cases can be challenging to handle alone. If you don’t know defective product laws and the legal system and procedures, your case can be stressful and overwhelming. Fortunately, a product liability attorney can protect your rights and provide the legal representation you need.

A product liability lawyer can determine the cause of the defect and who is responsible for it. They can also gather relevant evidence and calculate the value of your case. Additionally, your lawyer can provide special guidance and support you wouldn’t otherwise have without an attorney.

When a defective product harms you, do not wait to speak to a product liability attorney as quickly as possible.

Discuss Your Situation with a Baltimore Product Liability Lawyer at The Joel Bieber Firm

The legal team at The Joel Bieber Firm wants to support you during a challenging time. We’re ready to provide the highest quality legal representation to work toward the positive outcome you need and deserve.

Contact our office today to request a complimentary consultation with a Baltimore product liability lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These claims have a statute of limitations of three years in Maryland. The clock starts ticking on the day of the accident. After three years, your claim will likely become invalid. However, you should not wait any longer than is necessary to file your claim. It will be much stronger the sooner you take legal action.

Yes. Baltimore pedestrian accident attorneys use a contingency-fee system for billing clients. Therefore, you pay for their services from the money they recover for you. If they recover nothing, you owe nothing. Additionally, you are not responsible for any upfront costs to begin your claim.

As most pedestrian accident cases settle during negotiations, it is unlikely that your case will go to trial.