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You Can Now Vote!


Almost all pet owners that I know, believe that their dogs are superheroes.




With all the excitement going on at the University of Virginia regarding their President,I’ve been reading the Charlottesville news.  I thought that the following from the Daily Progress made this dog story rather topical.


It’s a reminder to get out to vote, or get involved…or something like that.


When Bedford County resident, Tim Morris, got his mail last week; he thought that someone was playing a trick on him. There was a letter from the non-profit Voter Participation Center that was sending voter registration forms to Mozart.

Mozart was his dog who passed away about two years ago. He would have turned 18 this past week. The voter registration efforts of the Voter Participation Center are focused on encouraging young people, minorities and unmarried women to get registered to vote.

The organization told the reporter that they purchase mailing lists from vendors. They didn’t really have an explanation for why they were sending these forms to Mozart.

Jurors in Virginia are selected randomly from the voter registration list. As a juror, you must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language. Well, I guess Mozart couldn’t meet all the qualifications to sit on a jury.

For pic o’ day, I couldn’t remember if I had posted this before, but it makes me laugh. It speaks of teamwork. Although, I’m not sure that the dog was that excited about this:


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