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Folgers in Your Cup

The Little Rascals TV show had a dog named Petey. He had a circle around his eye and it made him look like he was really paying attention. Mel Allen was a baseball announcer known for his signature phrase “How about that”. Both apply for the blog.

With those two in mind, it’s always fun to link  stories for the blog. These might make you look like Petey or simply exclaim  surprise. I titled this “Folgers in Your Cup” because I just finished reading a book on marketing that included how Folgers was able to increase its marketing share by selling the smell of coffee, instead of the product. Plus, the later “Beans” reference. Probably too creative… Right?

In focus groups, people still didn’t know why the coffee was selling better; instead attributing increased sales to better packaging or a better coffee. In fact, the packaging and the coffee had not changed. Their sense of smell was driving the sales. In that same thought process, I think that some of these stories have a logic behind them. The people just don’t understand Why.

In the practice of law, clients can rely on telling their attorneys their utmost secrets. Attorneys cannot divulge secrets and confidences. Our first story analyzes a survey of 3000 woman to conclude that women can only keep a secret for 32 minutes. (swallowing very uncomfortably after typing that last sentence! I Know I look like Petey ) You might want to click on this story and see what you think about “spilling the beans”.

Next is the clue of the tattoo. A carjacker hit the driver  with his gun to knock him out, and ordered the passenger out of the SUV. Then he jumped in and drove off. Later, the two victims were going through police photos and recognized a tattoo of the thief. It read “Belden City”. Since man in the photo had  previously been arrested, police suspected that it was the man, known as “Casper”, because of ghostly complexion;  who was guilty of this carjacking.

Police used the identifying photo to find Casper. His “Belden City” tattoo was a prophetic clue. He lived on the West Belden block. He was then arrested when they went to his home. Indidentally, it was the only ” location? address” tattoo that he had on his body. The rest of his tattoos were of dead friends. That’s like one of those string of pictures that you get in your email titled “Men without supervision”, when you get tattoos like that.

Our final news story is a story about a gambling nun. They captioned it “The Twisted Sister” who stole over a million dollars to fund her Slot machine addiction. She stole the money from Iona University. Now, she is basically sentenced to solitary confinement at the convent. Now that is…… as they say, a bad Habit.

And now, I will start us on our Thanksgiving journey with the following pic o’ Day. We are currently running a “Thank you” campaign on Facebook. I hope you will click here to add your reason(s) for being thankful this year, and to enter for a grocery card.

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