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The Butterball Operation

This blog combines a real turkey story with my Thanksgiving blog. First, the “Butterball operation”.

According to the LasVegas Review-Journal, drivers have been regularly violating crosswalk laws. So, the police decided to do something about it. They dressed up as turkeys.


These officers assumed that it wouldn’t be difficult for motorist to spot a life-size turkey in the crosswalk. Officers decided to make a last effort of safety because of the amount of fatalities that had occurred at this same intersection.

Apparently, it did get some attention. Still, the officers found that some motorist still ignored giant turkeys in the crosswalk. They were cited and now face $191 fines for failure to stop. Officers hope that the action and the story will have long-term safety effects. No word on whether this turkey safety measure is moving to other crosswalks. Still, a good turkey news story.

DID YOU KNOW that every year the President pardons a turkey. That tradition started with President Abraham Lincoln. Initially, the South viewed Thanksgiving as a “Yankee Holiday” and did not celebrate it until after the Civil War. Thankfully, the South did join in, because they contributed Pecan Pie and sweet potatoes!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I so enjoy this time of year. I will be back on Monday.


A Friday Coast

Fridays usually make everyone smile, even when they work on Saturdays. It is also a good day to do a rambling blog.

I always tend to think that it is a good day to call adjusters. Maybe they are feeling more relaxed and go ahead and throw in just enough to settle the case. I can definitely tell a difference in the tone of their voices.

Weekends are sometimes telltale signs of client’s injuries. Before the crash, they might have taken a trip. Maybe they enjoyed gardening or doing physical work in their yard just to relax. Now, a trip or work in the yard is still possible for many; but they will pay for it physically in the morning. Weekends are no longer the same. A damage marker.

This is the last Friday of a little peace for retail workers. Next Friday… Black Friday.

We still observe casual Friday at the Firm. That is also a bit of recognition that the staff has been working hard all week and are rewarded with some casual.

Many are dealing with a lot of stress this time of year. I hope that this Friday is a time to exhale.

I also think that this Friday is a good excuse to be able to start posting Thanksgiving pictures. Of course, now that Christmas displays seem to be in full force on September 1, maybe we should start Thanksgiving decorations in July. But, that’s not my fight… it’s Friday!

So, in keeping for Pic o’ day, let’s reach back to one of my past favorites:

car load o'turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am writing this blog on Wednesday afternoon. The office closed early today and there was a feeling of excitement in the air.

At lunch, I was with a couple lawyers and my parents, who had come up for tomorrow’s festivities. This time of year does make me think of everything I have to be thankful for, and at the table we smiled and shared a bit.

One of the lawyers, Geoff Glick, told the story of how he once attempted to fry a turkey with his new fryer. After a couple of hours, he could not figure out why the turkey was not done. His brother-in-law was such a sport to smile and say, “it’s because you have the fryer flame upside”. He is still laughing about that one, years later.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and that you create some long-lasting memories. Thank you for reading the blog. I will be back on Monday morning!

For pic o’ day, I am posting one that reminded me of Geoff’s story:

      And finally, I always get a kick out of the escaping car load of turkeys:

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